Wednesday, January 2, 2008


As I find time, I'm going back through previous posts from our recent trip to Missouri for Christmas and updating them and adding pictures and sometimes even adding completely new posts.

To see the updated post "Unexpected Blessings," in which I ran into my childhood best friend, click here.

To see the post "Walkin' with Mama" containing photos of a walk in the woods with Mom, Marty, Levi and Lacey, click here.

To see the post "Vacation's Almost Over" which I later reposted as 3 separate blogs of our trip to see the local mills, click here. For Dawt Mill, click here. For Hodgson Mill, click here.

To see the post "BRAVO! Reunion" which is the reunion of some of Heather's first dance team and the moms, click here.

As I update more I'll add links on this page. Enjoy!

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E said...

I'm all caught up on these. Next!


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