Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dawt Mill

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Dawt Mill has always been one of my favorite mills to visit. I think every time I've visited the mill before, it's been summertime and the general store has been open. We always buy ice cream cones or candy sticks (root beer for me!) when we go here. But, they are closed in December. Bummer! Not that I'd order ice cream in December anyway!

My cousin Kristy and her son Dillon.

Marty and me in front of the water wheel.

The view of the falls from the mill. The water was so blue that day!

Marty and me sitting on the waterfall edge.

Marty's been grabbing my camera more and more lately! Guess what his favorite photo subject seems to be!

Mom and I got a kick out of taking pictures of my sister Regina in interesting poses trying to caputre just the right shot!

Marty helped Dillon stand next to the waterfall too.

Me, Mom and Regina in front of the water wheel. I told them we have "halos"!

Kristy and Dillon.

Marty and me.

Continue reading here for our last stop of the day: Hodgson Mill.

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E said...

I LOVE that second photo - the picture of the big old waterwheel.... Very cool backdrops and scenery.


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