Sunday, January 6, 2008

Guitar Hero at Uncle Mike's

Heather has spent most of this week hanging out at her Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie's house. From the sounds of it she did some chores, helped Chey rearrange her room (in the middle of the night!) and spent a great deal of time playing a new video game: Guitar Hero. Imagine that at Uncle Mike's house! (this comment will be lost on you if you don't know Mike so let me fill you in. That man becomes absolutely ABSORBED in video games and tv shows. We love ya Mike, but you know it's true!!!)

We drove to San Antonio tonight to have dinner with Mike's family and to bring Heather home. Sounds like she had a great week and had some great heart-to-hearts with Aunt Debbie. Thanks, Debbie!!!

(And Debbie, that's not playing fair having your camera going off as soon as I walked in your door! Sheesh woman, are you the papparazzi or something???)

This is what met me as I walked through the door!

Heather and her Uncle Mike playing video games.

Chris even dropped by while we were there so we got to see him for a bit.

Cheyenne taking her turn playing "Guitar Hero" on the XBox 360.

And Tony. They all looked like rock star wannabe's to me while playing this game!

Chris arrived just in time for dessert!

Mike appears to take his video games pretty serious!


E said...

What, you didn't play the guitar Tammy? Marty either? Oh well... I would've loved to have teased you guys about THAT one! They do look quite silly with the guitar in hand. Especially big ole' Mike! ha ha ha

Reminds me of the night we played "Dance Dance Revolution" at Jason's mom's house. It was hilarious!

Glad y'all had a fun night!

Tammy said...

Nope. We just watched. And cut up with Debbie!

Debbie said...

E, Marty wanted to play you could see it in his face... WE did have a great time as usual! Thanks for letting Heather stay with us. She's a good kid! You should be proud!


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