Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Readers I Need Your Help, Please!

All you who comment regularly, and all you who lurk and don't comment, I want YOUR input. I left you alone on National Delurking Day, but this time please take the time to delurk and comment. I have an opportunity to display my photography in a local coffee shop during the month of March April. I am trying to determine which prints to hang. I have a lot of wall space to cover and will be printing some large, and some small. Please help me decide which prints need to be hung and which shouldn't be considered at all.

Instead of posting each picture here, click on the flickr badge on the right sidebar. That link will take you to the flickr web page where I have all the photos I'm choosing from for this display. You can then either leave comments here on this blog post, or there is a place to leave comments on each photo on the flickr page.

(To go straight to the flickr page containing all the photos, click on "what is this" on the bottom of the flickr badge at the right, then click on "prints for coffee shop")


Maria said...

Oh Tammy. Your photos are so beautiful. I love them! It's hard to pick which ones, but I have to say the first ones of these I saw on your blog of the riverwalk is what interested me most! I also like the second waterfall. So how do I tell you exactly which ones? Are they numbered or something?

Jackie said...

It's hard to say which pictures you should use, I like the swans and the mills.

lacey said...

wow tammy i dont know i thought that would be the easy way to help you!! umm i love the river walk pics and the buck pic. are you going to do a theme or if you have 3 walls to fill select a theme for each wall: like the beautiful flowers on one, the christmas river walk (in the center :op) and the animals on the other. that way all the basis are covered!! :) thats just one idea of mine :) or mix and match the outdoor scens with the animals and def. the river walk :)

Elizabeth said...

Ok. Most definately the water wheel, the old wagon, the Riverwalk, 2nd row/2nd picture,...How am I supposed to pick???????? I love the outdoor scenes. Love the b/w and sepia. I'm sending your post to some friends also to look at and let you know what they think.

I think they are all wonderful!!!

busysingersmom said...

What a difficult task. After studying them closely, my favorites are (in no certain order):
Sandhills sunset 2;
butterfly 3;
Captivated Katie;
Heather's reflection;
Rocket & Riley;
Mill wheel sepia;
river reflections downstream from dawt;
swan 1;
swan 2;
Christmas Riverwalk 1;
Starcke park Dam;
Windmill sepia;
wagon sepia;
All of the flowers are very pretty and you could use any of them if you have room. I just think the ones I picked show your personality more because they are of things that are interesting to you as an artist.

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite two photos are: Tree of Lights and My Little Ballerina.
So those two are my votes!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful. I would say that the butterfly photos are a definite. The wagon wheel should be popular around here. The river scene is great as are the rest of them!


E said...

Okay, my favorites are as follows...and I picked a bunch, cuz you've got a lot of wallspace to cover in Chiro Java!

#6 - red water mill building
#8 - old wooden bldg
#9 - water fall
#10 - color water wheel (but remove the ext cord)
#16 - rows of geese
#19 - christmas lights in trees
#20 - lights on riverwalk
#31 - horizontal spider web
#35 - Chandler
#37 - bee on flower
#39 - yellow flower w/ brown center
#42 - ferris wheel
#48 - purple flowers
#52 - stadium
#53 - Katie
#58 - monarch on flowers
#59 - ballerina
#60 - liptstick girl

busysingersmom said...

I think everyone has picked different pictures... maybe you should post them all!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked at your photos and I will give you my favorites.

I tried to attach one that I had cropped but my stupid internet wouldn't let me:( I thought the one of your swan with its wings spread out would look great cropped with a 2 to 1 ratio of width to height.

I liked sepia waterwheel; white weed; white swan; riverwalk w/ lighted building at end; 2nd sunset; photo of water, trees, building (college?); bee upside down on flower; yellow & brown flower; pink flower; yellow flower; football stadium. I also like the photo of Heather putting on lipstick but I am not a big fan of selective coloring.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pink and white flower and purple flower!

Just my 2 cents. Hope you have fun with this! Great opportunity!


Anonymous said...

They are all good. But I like
Heather Lipstick fx
Texas Spring
Matadors Stadium
just to name a few! Kim Owsley

Leslie said...

Hi Tammy,

I admit it...I'm a lurker. It's very difficult to pick and choose, it's sort of like playing favorites with kids.

1. Texas Spring (butterfly)
2. DSC00643_2 (mill wheel)
3. DSC08704 River Walk pic
4. DSC00714 Behind Dawt Mill
5. DSC08317 Sunset
6. DSC08005_1 Spiderweb
7. DSC06683_1 The Dam

Tammy they are all good...why can't you take them all? :)

Grace said...

I left all my comments on the pics on flickr.I guess I am either ahead or behind :)

Steve said...

There's too many great ones to choose from! I'm kind of upset that I didn't keep up my interest in photography, after viewing your pictures! Let me know when you guys are coming back this way. By the way, did you know that Brooke is my niece? I think I saw a picture of you with either Laura or Lorenda... I ran into Ivey at the vet in Republic. Still looks the same, minus the hair. Can't remember how many kids he has. I see Kenny & Kelly now and then, usually at Walmart in WP, lol. Talk to you soon- Steve

Gary said...

I added my comment >>> Submit This One. <<< on each photo that I thought you should display

There were several others that caught my eye; however, I thought tighter cropping (i.e. windmill to get rid of tent and far side of barn) and straightening (shoreline, horizon, stadium) would provide further accent .

What is the name and location of the coffee shop. As I travel quite a bit, perhaps I can drop by later when they are displayed.


Regina said...

I agree with Lacey- since you have 3 walls try placing country with country- city lights with city, etc. I'm not wild about the soccer boy (good pictures just ordinary to me)
windmill & sepia water wheel - a definite unless they are popular around Texas area where they are a dime a dozen. All are good --have fun


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