Monday, January 7, 2008

Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim are sort of extended members of my family. I have known Matt for years as we were in grade school together. Matt and Kim have been best friends of my sister Regina and her husband Greg for years. I don't even remember how they all met, they just seem to have been together forever! Our whole family has just adopted Matt and Kim, and now their son James, as part of us. They drop in for holidays and family celebrations. I almost always see them at some point in my visits back home. Kim and I used to work at the same print shop when I still lived in Missouri. One Valentine's Day Matt and Kim, and Marty and I all went out to celebrate the evening. I don't remember now why Greg and Regina couldn't join us. When we lived there, New Year's Eve was always spent with them, some years freezing our tails off in Matt's mom's field. We'd have a huge bon fire and the side of us facing the fire would be roasting hot, and our other side would be FREEZING!!!! Even so, I miss those New Year's Eve celebrations with them. What fun we'd all have hanging out together and shooting off fireworks at midnight.

Kim is one of the sweetest people I know, with the nicest personality. Matt is usually quiet, until you get to know him well. Larry the Cable Guy reminds us all of Matt!!!! Their son James is a hoot! We laughed and laughed as he raced round and round Mom's house chasing our dog Missy and vice versa. Missy adores small children and seems to think when any are around they are soley for her enjoyment!

At the end of our evening together, Mom, Regina, Greg, Marty and me all piled in cars and followed Matt and Kim back to their new house to see the work they've done. Matt's a carpenter and the best drywall man we know. They recently moved into a larger house they've been fixing up and we wanted to see the work they'd been up to. Makes me wish we were ready to build our house and that we could talk Matt into coming to Texas to do our drywall! He's awesome! But (surprising for those of you who know me well) I didn't take any photos of their new home!

Missy and James

It seems everyone liked James' new toys as much as he did! Here's Matt with James' new drums.

Even the teenagers (Heather and my nephew Brandon) wanted to play with James' new toys. Heather's playing with his guitar and Brandon's playing with his drums (Brandon really does play the drums so he was very interested in this toy!)

My sister Regina rocking out with James' guitar.

Best Friends: Regina and Kim.

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Kim said...

Hi Tammy and family! We had a good time visiting with you and your family (my second family..hehe) on Christmas. It was nice seeing you all again. Thanks so much for the nice litte blog about us. I think we all miss those New Year's bon fire too. Maybe someday we can have one on the beaches of Texas :) Love you guys! The Owsleys


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