Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dinner at Lacey's

Lacey reminded me last week that I STILL have not posted pictures of the night we all went to her house for dinner while we were in Missouri. So, Lacey, this post is for you!

It still seems odd to me to see Lacey grown up and married and taking care of a home of her own. The night after Christmas Lacey invited Marty, Heather and me to her house for dinner. She then invited Mom, Jerry and our brother Levi and then decided to include our brother Davy and his wife Lis and our sister Regina and her family. I was thinking Lacey was sure brave to have that many of us come to her house the first time she cooked for a big group! But I also remember how much I enjoyed cooking for big groups of friends when I lived on my own for the first time. Coming from a large family, one thing all us girls know how to do is cook for a large group! Our family alone had 7 people but Mom's house never had just family members present at meal times. There were always extras turning up unexpectedly. We just learned to expect the unexpected.

While we waited for dinner most of the men sat in the kitchen visiting and everyone else visited in the living room or sat in the floor playing cards.

My nephew Brandon and my niece Danielle. Danielle, you're not supposed to look at Bub's cards!!!

Me with my niece Danielle. Although she looks like her mama (Regina) her mannerisms have always been more like me (except for the cap and some of her tomboyish tendencies...she likes a lot of creepy crawlies that I can't stand.)

Lacey, stirring her potato soup. Our family does love potato soup!!! And Lacey made it sooooo yummy!!!

After dinner it was such a nice feeling to not have to clean the kitchen! We have 3 very capable kids to do that for us....just like our mama always had in us. You can see how impressed they were with this task!

Brandon, Heather, and Danielle.

After dinner several of us played Disney Trivia. Mom was my partner. We were beating everyone until they all decided to play using the children's questions. Then Levi and Brandon who were the farthest behind, came out of nowhere and won the game!

Mom is at the top center in yellow, clockwise next to her: me, Levi, Brandon, Regina, Heather, Danielle and Lacey.

In our family someone is always wrestling. Usually one of the guys is involved, but not always. Here it's Lacey and Regina!

Thanks, Lacey for some really good grub and a fun family night!!!


E said...

Hey Lacey, I like your top! Did you get that at Goody's? (Just Kidding - I don't even know what Goody's is!!) ha ha

Looks like y'all had a fun night. =0)

LACEY said...

thanks tammy!!! :) i had a blast fixing dinner and having everyone out!!!!! im ready to go it all again specailly since casey now knows our tradition of who cleans the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!

e- thanks!!! :) nope that a wal-mart specail right of the clearence rack!!! tammy has one too!!!!!! :) goody's is the best clothing store around!! and i used to hate shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i used to hate girly things!!! see what marriage can do to you!!! :)


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