Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Weekend of Farewells

Thursday night my father in law's father passed away. We spent the evening in San Antonio with family until late. The funeral will be tomorrow. Tom was a good man and will be missed, but there's a peace that comes from knowing we'll see him again because he's a child of God and we know without a doubt he was a Christian man.

Last night we attended a Good Luck/Going Away party for my nephew Chris. Chris has decided to join the Air Force and will leave Tuesday morning for his basic training. Good luck, Chris! We'll miss you! Keep in touch! These pictures were taken at Mike and Debbie's last night as we all celebrated with Chris.

Our clan: back row left to right: My nephew Chris, my brother in law Mike (Marty's twin), my sister in law Debbie, me, Marty, my nephew Tony.
seated from left to right: my niece Cheyenne, my father in law Freddie (aka Pappy), my mother in law Billie (aka Granny), and Heather. (and of course Mike and Debbie's daschunds Rosie and Rocky.)

The kids: Heather, Chris, Tony and Cheyenne.

Me, Heather, Marty

Chris, Cheyenne, Tony,

Debbie and Mike


(This may be lost on you if you've never watched comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham)

Tony has a new pet: some mouse/rat looking critter I wouldn't go near. Heather on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed playing with the thing. Ick!

Tony and Chris started a towell fight. Everyone run for cover!

Cheyenne's been around when these guys go at it apparently! She hid under the table!

Uncle Marty got in on it before too long! Watch out guys! He brings blood!

Mike got in it too. The gals all stayed out of the way as the boys and men (?) ran round and round the house snapping towells.

Poor Debbie got nailed anyway!!! Shame on you Mike!!!

But, as was bound to happen, something got knocked over and the war ended when the towells had to be put to use to clean up the mess!

Good Luck, Chris!!! Thanks for including us in the celebration guys!!!!

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E said...

That picture of the three of you is beautiful. Even Marty smiled nicely for it! And cute blouse, Tammy!

And Debi: Cheyenne's hair looks SOOOOOO nice now!


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