Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shannon's Wedding

Recently I shot my beautiful friend Shannon's wedding. I faced some tricky lighting challenges but I'm happy with most of the shots and I believe Shannon is too.

The venue was a quaint little place outside of Belton, TX: The Ferrell Center.

Getting ready:

Shannon and her son Dawson:

Shannon and her niece:

Shannon and her daughter Abby:

Shannon and her new daughter Taylor and her daughter Abby

The cake

Here comes the bride:


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tutus and Bows

Miss Charli and I had a short mini shoot just before she was 3 months old to showcase a hair bow that had been custom made and given to her. While we had the backdrop set up I decided to grab one of her mommy's old ballet tutus and play with that too.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


My daughter Heather and I have been saying for some time that we'd love to add some pink highlights to our hair. Last year she was ready to go for it and decided to do it herself with the help of a college roommate. When they were ready to purchase the dye the saleslady encouraged her to try a color other than pink because she was afraid with her dark brown hair, pink might not show. She loved her teal ends, but it wasn't the pink she'd wanted.

Recently we began to say "let's do it!" I made an appointment to have mine done and Heather called to get her appointment the same day, just before mine. I watched as our hairdresser finished up with Heather and I waited my turn. I was loving the transformation! As she finished with Heather it was discovered that because her hair is so thick her appointment took longer than expected, and also took all the pink dye. I rescheduled my appointment for the next day and returned. Heather returned as well to watch my transformation too.

We LOVE the results! We have heard so many comments: good, bad, and indifferent, but we don't care. We love the results and would do it again! I think the pink suits Heather's coloring and looks stunning! After seeing her results I was very anxious to see how mine would turn out. Our hairdresser says she is inspired and ready to do something different with her hair as well. I've been promised if she goes pink she'll call me so I can get photos!



I love this one of Heather and her daughter:

Too much fun!


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