Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Heather Will Dance Friday!

When we picked Heather up from band practice tonight she excitedly told me her dance teacher has begun to let her work on the new kick routine slated to be performed at the homecoming game in 3 weeks.....and she gets to dance at this week's home game too!

Last Friday Heather was able to stand in formation with her team, but not dance the half time show. Her teacher was able to find her a larger boot that accomodated her larger, wrapped ankle so she was able to go down on the field for the pregame activities and was able to be in formation in the stands with her team.

Hopefully her ankle does well for the halftime show Friday night, and for the band's first marching competition that will take place Saturday evening.

The dancers in their "Victory Line" ready for the football players to enter the field.

I often read the online version of my hometown's newspaper. Tonight when I read it I turned to the People section and read the following, which made me so wish I lived close enough to my hometown to go to their homecoming game!

Here's what I read:

Class of 1989 to have a tailgate party

Members of the West Plains High School class of 1989 said they are proud to be a part of 100 years of Zizzer pride and to honor this tradition will hold a tailgate party from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Friday, prior to the Homecoming game.
The tailgate party will be set up across from the entry to the high school parking lot on the grass area by the baseball field . All classmates are encouraged to attend.
“Please bring your own hamburgers or hot dogs to throw on the grill,” organizers said.

It has now officially been 20 years since I've attended a football game in my hometown. Wow, I didn't realize it had been that long....

PS. Happy Birthday, Unlce Bobby!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet Sunday

Each year, on a Sunday in September, instead of evening church services our pastor and his wife invite the entire church to their house for a picnic. They have a beautiful place on the river they love to share with their church family and friends.

I didn't go around taking tons of pictures like I usually do and instead sat and visited with friends and relaxed for the evening. I handed the camera off to Heather for the short time she was there before she had to go to work. Instead of taking photos of groups of people like I thought she was doing, she snapped photos of a few individuals mostly. I guess beggars can't be choosers, right?

How many kids can you fit on a hammock???
Left to right:
Bethany, Riley, Dawson, Katie, Maggie, and Abby

I'm only posting this to prove that yes, I am up and around an no longer just laying around on the couch! :0)

My friend Shannon. Be watching for more photos of Shannon. I may be taking portraits of her and her kids soon. I'm looking forward to that. It should be fun!

Marty appears to be in the middle of a fish tale, but I don't remember what he was talking about.

Our friend Ron joined us for the evening too.

Bill appears to be meditating. But I guess if you are the meditative sort, what better place than this peaceful spot on the river?

It was a very nice evening, although it seemed the evening was over all too soon. Marty and I stayed longer than most so Marty could help repair a water pipe that broke during the picnic. Once he finished with that we headed out as well and opted to stay in town until time to pick Heather up from work.

While Marty helped repair the pipe, I wondered back down to the water to take pictures. Isn't it a beautiful spot?

I kept hoping the pinks in the sky would get lower so I could get a better shot of the pinks reflected in the water, but this was the best I could get.

Lately we are getting a small taste of what our empty nest may feel like in a couple of years. Heather has always kept us very busy running her to activities, etc. Now that she is working we are still on the run a lot, but we have a lot of weekends without her.

When we left the picnic we decided we'd watch the late movie "Nights in Rodanthe" while we waited for Heather to get off work. We still had time to kill before the movie began so we headed to the coffee shop and sat outside to enjoy the nice night. When the other outside tables began to fill up with other customers we opted to go walking downtown. I knew Marty and I were thinking the same thing when he told me the evening reminded him of our evenings when we lived in Arizona. Back then we were broke students and we spent many evenings walking or biking for entertainment. The movie was good, although very sad. I so enjoyed our evening, but I'm sure I'll be very tired tomorrow! Here's to hoping Heather doesn't have many more nights of working till midnight!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Finally Saw the Lights of Friday Night!

I had yet to be able to attend a football game this season...until tonight. I was determined to attend tonight's game against Canyon High. It was a long day and I wasn't sure how long I'd feel like staying but I really wanted to go anyway. Heather's ankle kept her from performing the kick routine with her dance team, but she did march with the band. She was in pain afterward and had to ice her ankle but she does seem to be getting better.

I'm the field photographer for the dance team and as such have the privelege of being out on the sidelines for the half time show to take pictures. While I'm there, I usually grab as many shots of Heather marching with the band as I can before the dancers take the field and I turn my focus on them.

Sadly, Matadors lost tonight's game but there were still some exciting plays in the game.

Before the game, Marty and I met Heather and her friends at Chili's for dinner:
Ryan, Heather, Megan, Tiffany, and Matt.

Heather is always easy to spot in the band, marching in her dance uniform.

The Starsteppers Dance Team performing their kick routine--sans Heather :0(

I decided to try out my zoom lens from my seat way above the 50-yard line and capture a few shots of the football game.

Heather's friend Ryan is the school mascot. He does a great job!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playing Tourist in Brazil

During some of the team's free time while on the Brazil Mission Trip, Marty and Billy opted to head down to the beach to check out the Kitesurfing Competition. They both liked what they saw so much they wanted to try it for themselves, but unfortunately time and money didn't allow for that.

Hey, Lisa, what are the odds that lessons in kitesurfing end up on the guys' Christmas wish lists this year???

I do agree after looking at the pictures it would be something fun to watch. Out of curiosity I searched for kitesurfing on the Texas coast and actually did find places in Corpus and on South Padre that have shops, lessons and the works. Pretty expensive stuff though!!!

Kitesurfing is surfing a board similar to a wakeboard, while strapped to a huge kite you fly at the same time. Each kite contains a chamber that runs the lenth of the kite that holds air, which keeps the kite extended at all times.

Here are the photos Marty took of the kitesurfing competition in Brazil:

The green and red objects lying in the sand are the kites.

You can see from this photo of a young man carrying a kite just how long they are.

Check out my other blog for Marty's cool sunset photos from the plane trip home.

My Honey Is Finally Home...

....and he brought loot! We'll be posting photos of his trip in the days to come so keep checking back.

Marty has brought Heather and me these cookies from Brazil before and we love them. The last time he brought smaller packages and there were gone in a flash (ahem, Heather you're supposed to SHARE!). This time he brought 3 larger packages, in 3 different flavors. Since Heather is still staying at her Granny's I got to choose my package first! So now, do I gobble up the whole package because they are SO GOOD? Or do I savor them because who knows when I get another package of them?

Among other things he also brought us some hand made jewelry, pottery, and flip flops.

Thanks Babe, for all the goodies, but mostly we are just glad you are home! We missed you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This and That

Things are happening, just not a lot to blog about lately. I did go back to work yesterday, part time and that seems to be all I can take for now. The best news: Marty will finally be home tomorrow! It seems this mission trip has been sooo much longer than those in past years. It will be so good to have him home again, although I'm so glad he was able to go.

I heard his voice tonight for the first time in 12 days. We've emailed every night while he's been away but there've been no phone calls since he left the USA. Tonight the team arrived in Florida and will make the final leg of their journey home tomorrow.

I have yet to make it to a single football game this season and we're hoping I'm up to making the out of town trip to Canyon to see this week's game. Heather's ankle is healing but she will still be unable to dance with her team at halftime this week. She will be marching with the band so at least she's able to participate some. Maybe by the following week she'll be dancing again! She went back to work this weekend and although I had to pick her up early Saturday because of her swollen ankle, she worked her entire shift Sunday. Her job keeps her on her feet the entire time.

Before I know it life will once again be the rat race it once was not so long ago.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Nephew, the Zizzer!

My nephew Brandon is the son of my sister Regina and her husband Greg. They also have a daughter Danielle whom I have posted stories of here before.

Brandon has been homeschooled or enrolled in private school for most of his education. This year he is a senior in high school and is attending my old high school, West Plains High School. He's also getting to play football and recently my mom was able to attend one of his games and took a bunch of pictures. She sent a few to me. I so wish I lived close enough to go watch one of his games! I love attending football games here in South Texas and watching Heather perform with the band and dance teams and I know it would be just as exciting to see Brandon play football. Thank you, Mom for sharing these photos and thank you Regina for allowing me to share them with everyone else!

Gosh where has all the time gone??? The first time I saw Brandon was when he was 4 months old and he flew to Arizona with his mommy to come visit me when I was pregnant with Heather. He was the cutest little baby boy I'd ever seen! And now here he is a senior, about to embark upon adulthood and the first steps of his future await just around the corner. I'm so very proud of the young man you've become, Brandon!

Go Zizzers!!!

Another Brazil Mission Trip Update

Pastor Mitch, with missionary Sharon translating during an evening outdoor service.

Brazil Mission Team member Billy, with missionary Sharon translating during a day of VBS in Brazil.

This was received in an email a few days ago from our pastor and friend, Mitch:

Well, we are half way through our Brazil mission project and the devil is still trying to disrupt things. Please continue to pray for us, the people of the FBC Luis Correia and our missionaries. We learned last night that the brother-in-law of Pastor Julio’s wife was shot in the stomach while at work. He is a night watchman in Teresina (the city we fly in and out of). Details are sketchy, but we learned this morning he has died. Needless to say, this has disrupted the focus of Pastor Julio and his wife, Audi. They hosted us in their home for lunch today and we had a wonderful traditional meal, but she is very sad. The custom here is to bury the dead within 24 hours, so the funeral was today and there was no way Audi could get to Teresina before the funeral. She may ride in with us as we depart.

Now for the good news. Some 15 people stepped forward last night to say that the wanted to know Christ in a personal manner. Reva shared her testimony, Marty sang a solo (yes that’s correct, a solo) and I preached an evangelistic message. So far, our team members have led over 30 people to Christ through evangelistic visitations in the homes. Here in Coconut Beach, there are only two classes of people: the very rich and the very poor. Many of the large, expensive ocean front homes are empty. They are vacation homes for the rich. Many have a small house on the property which houses another very poor family who looks after the place while the owners are away. Then there are the fishermen. They live in small tile homes with only hammocks for beds and with little other furnishings. There are also construction workers building the large fancy homes. They live much like the fishermen. These three types of people are the ones we are mainly trying to reach because they are here year round. There have been many who have expressed interest in a weekly Bible study and even a new church. Vic and Sharon believe the little town is ready for a mission church to be established.

Pray for us over the next few days for something special. Unknown to Pastor Julio nor to Vic and Sharon, there is the Brazilian National Kite Surfing Championships being held in Coconut Beach this weekend. It actually begins today and will run through Sunday. Hundreds of people are expected and we’ll be handing out tracts to all who will accept. Pray for opportunities to share one on one with some of these visitors.

We love you all and we’ll send more updates as we can.

Bro. Mitch and the team

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Galway Girl

The simplest things can make my day and music can often lift my spirits. Because I've been unable to get out and do anything I've been pretty much a couch potato watching way too much tv. Yesterday afternoon Heather came home from work early after her ankle swelled again so we were both couch potatoes. I didn't feel like going to the video store so we opted to watch a movie we've already seen over and over again: P.S. I Love You. I tend to love all things Irish and Heather has the same love of chick flicks her mama has so this movie appeals to both of us a lot. We both love the song sung in the pub in the movie and I was so disappointed to find it's not on the soundtrack. After hearing the song during the movie yesterday I decided to see if I could find out what the song is. I typed "song sung in the pub in P.S. I Love You." Why didn't I think of that sooner???? It was so easy to find and after learning the name of the song is "Galway Girl" sung by Steve Earle I headed over to amazon.com and 99 cents later downloaded the song. As I have a tendency to listen to a new song over and over when I like it, I'm sure it won't be long before Heather is begging me to find something new to listen to!

And the Morning was Filled with Beautiful Music Again

I'm feeling so much better each day. I have been well taken care of during my recovery and am blessed with a wonderful church family. Friends have been bringing me food, sending me cards, and even picking up prescriptions for me. My mother in law moved me into her house so she could help take care of me when Marty went to Brazil on a mission trip and I suffered a setback that could have landed me back in the hospital. Thanks to her I was soon on the mend again and able to move home a few days ago.

This morning I was able to attend church again and it was so nice to get out of the house. During the worship service, our "ensemble" played their instruments and it was so beautiful to get to listen to. They've been practicing together whenever all their busy schedules allow and Heather joins them with her french horn.

Rodney on his trumpet, Richard on his sax, and Heather on her french horn.

After church my friends Pat and Lisa treated Heather and me to lunch at my favorite place: the local coffee shop! Thanks Pat and Lisa!

(Check back tomorrow to see if I'm successful in uploading a video of the song the ensemble played at church this morning.)

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Visitors Today

This afternoon when I woke from a much needed nap I saw one lonely deer standing in the yard, looking toward the house. He seemed to watch my every move as I gently opened the door and stood on the deck to take his pictures. After a few clicks he ran off, but didn't go far. Normally we see multiple deer at once so it was unusual to only see this one. I'm hoping his mama wasn't the wounded deer I saw on my way home yesterday, dragging one of her hind legs behind her as she ever so slowly crossed the road in front of me. I felt so sorry for her but didn't see anymore of her today.

Later in the evening some more deer were in the yard so I ventured out onto the deck once more to capture them as well. Almost as soon as I started clicking I could hear something coming down the road, and the deer could hear it too. Their eyes were trained toward the sound, but they remained still the whole time as Heather drove up in my father in law Freddie's pickup. Freddie rode up on the lawn mower soon after and the 2 of them set to work getting the lawn mowed for us. Thank you Freddie and Heather!!!

I must admit, it's been so long since I held my camera it almost felt foreign in my hands...but not for long!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photos from Brazil

I had my mother in law drop me off at my house today so I could pick up a few things I need and grab my camera. I must be feeling better if I want my camera, right?! I am feeling much better than before and finally feel like I am on the mend. I may even attempt a trip to the office tomorrow if all goes well.

While I was home an email arrived from Marty, full of pictures and the simple statement, "Here are some pics for your blog." :0)

I guess someone showed him how to email pictures because that's one thing I forgot to show him how to do when I got him the camera and computer!!! So, a big thanks to whichever team member is helping Marty!!! And I'm sure my readers thank you too as I'm sure they are sick of looking at the same thing every time they visit my site.

The mission trip is going very well and I anxiously await news of today. I am able to email Marty every night when he returns to his hotel. I believe today was the day he was to help the ladies (Reva and Denise) with VBS at a school.

Here is Marty along with our pastor (Mitch) with a family in Brazil. Each person pictured with them made professions of faith after hearing testimonies from our team members.

I await to hear from Marty what this photo is....

(I just got word from Marty this is a hot dog stand)

Team members Larry (one of our deacons, also the father of Lisa over at C&C World--he's the man in the orange shirt), and Marty is on the far right in the striped shirt.

Marty with a gentleman who made a profession of faith this week after hearing testimonies from our team members.

Marty with members of another family who all made professions of faith this week. What an awesome God we serve!

He's even taking the time to take some scenic photos. Marty does love pineapple....especially grilled in Brazil!!!

Our pastor, Mitch, with another family.

If I'm not mistaken I believe Marty told me 20+ people have made professions of faith this week and there are 13 prospects for the new church.


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