Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dinosaurs in Texas?

As Marty and I were driving around Canyon Lake yesterday we stopped at his current construction site for work. He's building a dinosaur museum. Several years ago a man in Canyon Lake purchased a piece of property and planned to build an rv park. As he was having the property dozed for the park, a rock "shelf" was uncovered and he was so excited at the possibility of not having to pour concrete in that area. Above him, up the hill, another man noticed something about the rock that was uncovered....there appeared to be patterened indentions in the rock, the entire length of it. Upon closer inspection it was thought to be dinosaur tracks in the rock. Archeologists were called in, and it was determined that yes indeed dinosaur tracks had been uncovered. The property was sold and instead of an rv park a dinosaur museum was built. Marty is currently building a new, larger museum consisting of several connected buildings and an ampitheatre. Other tracks were recently discovered at another location near the lake, unearthed after floods caused the lake to spill over its spillway, causing much erosion.

The rock ledge uncovered to reveal what appears to be dinosaur tracks.

One of the tracks (filled with water from the rains we've had this week)

Another track.

Marty's project:


lacey said...

wow thats cool!!!!! the third pic looks like a huge hand print!!

E said...

Pretty neat. That'd be a neat field-trip! =0)


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