Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Home

I'm finally home from the hospital and this is what I found upon my arrival:
Erica had arrived at my house before I did and I imagine with help from her kiddos, strung up this welcome home sign and taped all the get well cards from my Sunday School class and from Riley on the back door.

Flowers from the church. (The other 2 arrangements didn't make it all week. One was edible and the remnants sit in my refrigerator....)

Marty restrung Erica's sign in the living room so I could see it from my make-shift bed on the couch.

Thank you, Erica for all you've done! You have gone above and beyond what friends do! I so appreciate you for everything you've done for me. Erica has even been fielding emails and comments from my far-away family and friends about my hospital stay.

Thank you also to my mother in law Billie, and my father in law Freddie for spending all night in the very cold, very uncomfortable ER with Marty and me Monday night.

Thank you, Pastor Mitch for your visits and prayers with me every day.

Thank you everyone else who visited, called, emailed, brought cards, flowers, gifts, books, puzzle books. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Continue to pray as I'm still struggling with keeping my temperature down. If I can't keep it down I have to return to the hospital and I certainly don't want to go back there!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yet Another Update

Hi - it's mE again. I talked to Marty this morning and he said Tammy was running fever again today. He said she'll be in the hospital til Monday.... =0(

Friday, June 27, 2008

Update On The Patient

Howdy all! It's "E" again. I've been receiving emails and comments from Tammy's friends from afar as well as some family members. "Nice to meet you all!" =0) Everyone's requesting updates on Tammy's status (she's in the hospital in case you didn't know), so I promised I'd give an update here on her blog tonight.

As of yesterday, Tammy was feeling quite a bit better, her spirits were up, and she was really wanting to come home. However, her fever went up again this morning, they changed her antibiotics, and she's been nauseated again all day today - not holding much food down and eating very little. =0( She has to go for at least 24 hours without fever before they'll allow her to come home, so we'll see how it goes tonight and tomorrow morning.

I went and visited with her again this evening, and she said she KNOWS she's in no condition to come home based on how she felt today. {{{Sigh}}} Hopefully tomorrow will be a GOOD day... today definitely was a downer. It was good to see balloons and flowers and cards from all of those that have taken the time to stop in and visit her. She definitely appreciates the visits.

Hopefully she'll be home soon and you won't have to hear updates from ME anymore, but can hear how she's doing directly from her.

We're still praying for you, Tammy!!! Get well SOONER!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tammy's Out Sick

Greetings all!!! But this isn't Tammy. It's her friend E. I have officially hijacked her blog... but she gave me permission! =0)

As all of her loyal readers would know, she had not been feeling well for the last week and a half. She was admitted into the hospital last night - diagnosed simply with an infection. The source is not yet known.

We visited with her for a couple of hours this evening and her spirits are up - but so is her fever. She's hoping to be back home and blogging again by Thursday, Lord willing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tammy! Get well soon!!!

[CLICK HERE for the next update.]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random Photos

I've had the flu or some sort of bug so I have not taken photos of anything for a couple of days. I had a lot of things I wanted to do today, but have accomplished absolutely nothing. In fact, Marty even did our grocery shopping for me today (thanks, Babe!). I have laid in bed or on the couch for most of today. When I did get up I'd send a couple email responses to Erica and go lie down again. Until now I hadn't even felt like trying to come up with a blog post and didn't think I'd get one done at all today. As it is, there's nothing new going on so I leave you with some random photos I took this spring:

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Didn't Know He Had It In Him

I said in a recent post that I never know what I'm going to find when I upload pictures from Marty's camera. Judging from what I am finding, getting him a camera was an excellent choice for his Father's Day gift!

Among the photos of all of us trying to capture the moon last night, and pictures of a current construction project I also found these: I hope he wasn't late getting to work that morning!!

Aren't they gorgeous???

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waiting for the Moon

I haven't been feeling well for a few days and decided tonight to stay home and try to sleep while Marty and Heather went off to church. I slept some but once they arrived home I was unable to sleep any longer. I wondered around the house, talked to Erica some, and tried to eat something. Nothing tastes good. I wanted to stay up late enough to capture some photos of the moon I keep hearing about tonight, but since we live among the trees it's very late here before we can see the moon above the treeline, and I knew I didn't have the energy to wait up. I finally gave up and went to sleep on the couch and told Heather she could wake me if the moon ever made its way up where we could see it. She'd been wanting to dig out her telescope to view it as well.

At 11:00 pm she woke me to tell me we could see the moon. I got up, rounded up the camera, zoom lens, and tripod while she and Marty mustered the big telescope outside. I'm sure we were a sight on the front porch with 2 cameras going off and a giant telescope.

This shot is straight out of the camera, not cropped at all.
I also didn't notice at first that on my manual settings my camera was shooting in black and white. But I like the effect.

Cropped for a closer look.

Not the shot I was aiming for, but still an interesting effect.

Here it is. Now to figure out how to get a shot of the moon like this AND the silouhette of the trees against a moonlit sky......I'll keep practicing!

Marty was playing cameraman too.

Since I had the big zoom on my camera I snagged Marty's when he laid it down.
"The light, the light! The bright flash hurts my eyes!!!"

Enjoy what few shots I took. I'm going back to sleep! Good night!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Ok so my plan was to post these pictures as a Wordless Wednesday post, but I have plenty of words that go with them, which makes this a not so wordless Wednesday!

Thank God for Kids!!!

I used to wonder, and even ask God, why He only gave me one child. It used to break my heart as well, as many of you already know.

Now I know that He gave me sooo many kids to love, just in ways that I didn't expect and, in fact once upon a time, even want. It took years for my heart to change and accept what His will was for our lives. Just a few years ago I even came to the point in my life that I changed my prayer from "please give us another baby" to "if this isn't Your will, please change my heart." And that's exactly what He did.

I'm very blessed to have my miracle baby, for that's what Heather is. And I'm blessed again with so many friends and a church family who all share their children with me in ways I never dreamed possible. No, they aren't "my" kids, but I sure do love each and every one of them, even the ones I ran out of room to post here!

To each of my kids: you have each blessed me in ways you will never know and I'm truly thankful for each and every one of you.

And Carley, no matter how far away you now live, you'll still always be one of "my kids!"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Marty's Had His Head in the Clouds!

I never know what I'm going to find when I upload photos from Marty's camera! Typically I might find headless bikini shots, but imagine my surprise when I found these in the mix!

I think he's enjoying the new toy we gave him for Father's Day, don't you???


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