Saturday, January 5, 2008


How blessed I am to have my sisters. At times we've been the fiercest of enemies, and the best of friends. Recently my sister Lacey changed her answer tone on her cell phone and when I call her I hear "My Sister" by Reba McIntire. I've never heard the song in its entirety so I went looking for the lyrics, which I will post here.

Some of my favorite photos taken of our recent trip back home for Christmas are the ones taken of my sisters and me. I'm so glad both my sisters are just a phone call away and although we don't always have much in common, we always have something to talk about, giggle over, or confide in one another.

We've certainly had our disagreements and spats, but always have been able to talk it over and get through them. Sometimes it just takes longer than others! :0)

Regina and me at Christmas, opening our gifts from Lacey.

Lacey, Regina and me....all being our goofy selves!

My Sister by Reba McIntire:

Hey girl it's me i just called to tell you hi

Call me when you get this

Haven't talked lately so hard to find the time

Give the boys a big kiss

Tell them that I miss them

By the way I miss you too

I was thinking just today

About how we used to play

Barbie dolls and make-up

Tea parties dress up

I remember how we'd fight

Then make up and laugh all night

Wish we were kids again

My sister my friend

Oh yeah before I forget I met someone

I think I really like him

I was just wondering if I'm jumping the gun

Like going out on a limb

And invite him home for Christmas

To meet the family

Seems like just yesterday

You brought home old what's his name

He had been drinking

What were you thinking

After dinner he passed out

We can laugh about it now

We've learned a lot since then

My sister my friend

Do you think you could come and see me sometime soon

We could just hang out like we used to

It's late and I should go

But I can't hang up the phone

Until I tell you

What I don't tell you enough

Even though at times it seemed

We were more like enemies

I'd do it all again

My sister my friend

My sister my friend

For my sisters Regina and Lacey.


E said...

That last picture is GREAT! It doesn't look goofy or silly at all. It's beautiful of all three of you! =0)

Good job!

Tammy said...

We were sure ACTING goofy when I took it! And I took it myself. Usually when I try to take shots like this they end up REALLY cheesy looking! :0)

lacey said...

yeah tammy said something like i dont do this as good as erica does....i thought it turned out good too so i set it as my background on my desktop.... thanks tammy!!!!! i had an awesome time when u was here it was like i always wished it to be when i "grew up"!!!!!!!!!! my sisters, my BEST friends!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!


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