Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nana's Musings

My favorite aunt, or "Nana" as she's commonly known, is a photography buff and enjoys writing. We communicate almost daily via email and by phone sometimes on the weekends. She has always been there for me and as I've written before, means a great deal to me. She is one of my mom's sisters and they too are very close. Nana lives in Virginia so I don't see her often. She tries to fly out to see me at least every other year and we sometimes see each other if we're both in Missouri visiting family at the same time. She'll be here for a weekend in March and we are already greatly anticipating the time we will spend together.

Nana and I often share with one another things we've written, photography, and art. We often send quips back and forth just to bring a chuckle. Last week I sent her an email that simply said, "Life's a blog waiting to happen." Today, she sent me a poem she wrote, using as the title the email I'd sent her. I keep telling her she needs to start a blog and post the stuff she writes, but she says she doesn't have time to do a blog. She told me today I can post her poem and find some pictures to illustrate it and put it on my blog. So I'm doing just that. Here's Nana's poem:


by Sue A.

What a boring non blogging day!
Nothing happening out this way.
Wait! What’s that on the floor?
Something interesting by the door.
Just a simple ball and jack,
But what memories they bring back.
And what is that I smell?
Oh the stories I can tell.
The smell of a fried chicken dinner,
Now that is a winner!
And look over there,
A baby doll old and bare,

Reminds me of my childhood,
Of this I can blog, yes I could.
Maybe I’ll just have a cup of coffee
And just a bite of toffee.
Then I can go for a drive
What’s that I see? Is that a bee hive?
Isn’t that a beautiful gate?
And there’s a shop that sells bait.
How many blogs from this rhyme?
Tell me, if you have the time.
Life IS a blog waiting to happen We just have to keep our eyes open!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WOW!, I would say she got her talent from me, but she IS THE OLDER SISTER, so maybe i got my little bit from her. Moms doll and the coffee cup and button jar sure brings back a flood of memories. MOMMA, I SURE DO MISS YOU, LOVE MOM


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