Saturday, January 23, 2010

Decorating for the Debutante Ball: The Painting

Recently I have had the privelege of working with 2 other artists on a project for the upcoming Debutante Ball. In the lobby of the Coliseum will hang 2 very large sections of canvas fabric, upon which we've painted this scene:

Myself, Norma, and Cathy in front of our finished project!

It has been a joy working with these ladies and being able to watch other artists and how they work.

Cathy tackled the sky as I worked on the foreground below her.

Cathy and Norma working hard!

Norma making the water look just right!

Cathy took a step back to see how it all looked

Be watching for photos of the ball, which is only a week away and we'll be dancing the night away! I've already warned the ladies I'll be having a photo snapped of us once again in front of these panels, but next time we'll be all dressed up and at the ball looking our very best!

Should make a great contrast to these photos in our absolute grungiest!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1, 2, 3..1, 2, 3...1, 2, 3....

Sunday afternoon found all 3 of us learning to waltz for Heather's upcoming debutante ball.

First Heather and the other debutantes learned how to perform their bow:

Here the dads and escorts lined up to begin learning the basic waltz and the box step:

As the girls were learning to waltz the dance teacher reminded us all that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did...but she did it backward and in high heels!

The debutantes lined up to learn their steps. They practiced while wearing their hoops so they, their dads, and their escorts could practice with some of all the excess fabric the girls will be wearing the night of the ball:

Heather and her escort (and one of her best friends) Ryan:

Of course my favorite moment was when Heather and her dad began to waltz together and before they danced she gave him the biggest hug:

Ryan learned the appropriate way to "cut in" on Heather and Marty's waltz:

Heather and the dance instructor Mrs. Amanda. Amanda was a student teacher at the dance studio where Heather danced when we first moved to Texas:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

10 for 2010

Ten things I'm going to strive to achieve in 2010 (Hats off to my cousin Carmen for I am simply copying her post title!)

1. Read my Bible daily. This was brought about by our church as we've all been challenged to COMMIT to read each day and given a One Year Bible with daily Bible readings for each day of the year. What a difference I've seen in my family after only a few days! Can you imagine what 365 days will do???

2. Get organized. Seriously. My life is a mess and I've got to get it on track before I drive not only myself bonkers but everyone around me.

3. Reprioritize. God. Family. Job. Church. Everything else.

4. Save money. Get back on a budget and stick to it. Rebuild the emergency fund.

5. Paint. More! It has felt wonderful getting back into painting and artwork. I've set a goal and booked the local coffee shop for the month of October to sell/display painted antique windows. So now, I've got to get painting!

6. Think positive. A positive attitude and frame of mind is contagious. It's also key to better overall well being. When I have a positive outlook I just feel better about everything in general. When I don't, it's easy to let things spiral out of control. Time to take control and put things into perspective.

7. Keep taking pictures. Keep striving for better photos and keep learning how to get the best shots in even the most difficult lighting situations.

8. Drink more water. I'm not ready to give up my sodas yet but I do know I need to drink less of them and more water. I have even begun to order water at restaurants (sometimes). Saves money too!

9. Let go. My daughter is 18 years old and will head off to college this fall. Time to let her spread her wings. While I may not always agree with her decisions/choices, they are hers to make. This one may be my hardest obstacle.

10. Get fit. I know exercise is important that's why it's on this list. It's at the bottom of the list because I do know that if I set too many goals and can't achieve them I'll feel like I've failed. This one made it to the list because I know it's important, but it's #10 because I know I have other things that I have GOT to work on before I can get to this one. I'm tackling these things one at a time to make some big changes in my life.

What are your goals for 2o10? Post yours too and comment here so I can come see what you've set for yourself.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bring on 2010!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends and stayed to ring in the new year, complete with a bonfire and fireworks. Happy 2010! May your new year be blessed and may you look forward with a positive outlook and strong resolutions to improve your life and character.

The first thing the three of us have committed to do in 2010 is to read through the Bible. Our church challenged its members to make the commitment to read every single day. If the commitment (promise) was made, a one year Bible was furnished. So far so good, we're on the 4th day and we haven't missed a day yet. What a difference this will make in the life of each of us, our family, our church family and who knows what else!


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