Saturday, September 29, 2007

Homecoming Football Game

Sorry guys I just could not keep my eyes open to finish this post last night! It was an exciting night and our boys won their first football game of the season. It was also the first district game! Final score: 29 to 23! Go Mats Go!!!!

As part of Homecoming week, there were many spirit activities held at the high school each day. Every year each class has a door decorating contest. My friend Lisa is Heather's home room teacher. Lisa and Heather asked me to help them with a "Super Mat" for their door. They wanted a Superman figure with an "M" on his chest, holding a football. I created one for them and printed him really big on several sheets of paper and sent him with Heather to be taped together. She said the kids loved him and I got an email from Lisa yesterday saying their class won the contest!!! Here's SuperMat.:

Here Marty and I are all decked out in our Matador t-shirts, ready to watch some football.

Our friend's daughter Terryn came to meet the dance team as they were warming up. This is Carley with Terryn. Thanks Carley!

Heather lined up with her team mates for the pre-game Homecoming festivities. The mums and garters are a Texas Homecoming tradition.

Heather with some of her pals. From the left: Brooke, Heather, Ashley and Carley.

Heather's section in band, the mellophones, was announced last night as the Section of the Week. Go Mellos! Heather as she performs with the band during part of the half time show:

The dance team performed their kick routine. This was the first time Heather was part of the kick routine at half time. She was sick and missed the last game. The girls did an excellent job!!! I was very impressed with how together they were.

Heather is in the center.

Heather's in the center.

Our boys in action (in black):

My friend Erica doesn't get to watch Matador football games with us this year. Her kids go to another school and her son plays football there now. Mathew's homecoming game was tonight as well, but unfortunately they lost their game. Erica and the kids joined us for coffee after the games were over. Riley was so beat she fell asleep before our food arrived. Here's Erica being her fun, goofy self. I'm glad you're enjoying your games, but we sure miss you at our games!!!

Erica's lei and the flower in Riley's hair are part of their school's spirit week:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Black and Gold Attack!!!

It's Homecoming Week here and tonight was the Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally at the high school. This week's theme is "Black and Gold Attack." Marty opted not to join in the fun and Heather was practicing after school so I tagged along with Larry, Pat, Lisa, Cheney and Chandler for the evening. We met for dinner at Kirby's and headed to the school. Thank you, Cheney for riding with me so I wouldn't be lonely!!! You rock!

After dinner we watched the parade together with more friends and then walked over to the stadium for the pep rally.

Cheney being a great big brother and walking his sister Chandler to the parade:

Cheney is the biggest Matador fan I know, even if he does come in a small package! Some day we'll all be out there cheering for Cheney when he's on the football field.....

The Starsteppers float (sans Heather--she marched in the band)

I barely caught a glimpse of Heather as she marched with the Mighty Matador Marching Band.

The cheerleaders host a clinic for "Mini Mats" each year and all the participants help cheer and dance at the pep rally. This is Micayla, Heather's dance teacher's daughter.

The dance team (Starsteppers) perform:

It is a tradition at the end of every Homecoming Pep Rally that an "M" be lit on fire on the visitors' side of the stadium. All the lights are turned down low as it burns and the school song is sung.

Win big tomorrow night Mats!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ten Pins and Friends

Last night a big group of us went out (No Kids!!!) for dinner and bowling. What fun we all had! We met for dinner at Chili's and headed to the bowling alley. Jason had to work so missed all the fun. We missed you Jason! Maybe you could have kept Erica from wanting to jump out of the car!!!

The whole group at Chili's. From the lower left, clockwise around the table: Paula, Erica, me, Marty, Lisa, Billy, Darla, Dean, Denise, Bill, and Jim.










Bill and Lisa.

Bill and Billy.

Dean. (Way to go Dean....he beat Marty one game!!!!)



Marty and me.

After bowling a couple of games we headed to Ihop for coffee. We laughed and laughed all night!

And some of us laughed until we cried....literally!

Thanks guys for a very fun night!!!
Let's do it again!


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