Monday, January 28, 2008

Awww....Weren't They Sweet?

Just needed a "pick me up" after a stressful evening and decided some cute photos might do the trick!

Most of you who know me well know my husband Marty is a twin (fraternal). I love the twins' baby photos! They are adorable!

Marty and I have moved around a lot, from state to state and his brother Mike is in the military so he moves a lot too. Because of that, they haven't lived close to one another since they both graduated high school almost 20 years ago. Mike is now stationed in a city very close to us and we are sure enjoying having him so close! It has been awesome getting to know him and his family.

Newborn twins. 4 days old. Which is which? (My secret's always been to see which one has larger ears!)
(Mike's the one crying in this photo)

Mike and Marty with their Mama (Billie) Mike appears to be kissing Marty. They are 24 days old in this photo.

14 months old. (Marty's on the left, Mike's on the right)

I absolutely love this photo of them! (18 months old) Although Heather mostly looks like me and has all her life, this photo of Marty (on the right) has always made me see resemblances in Heather and Marty.

2 years old. Billie, you'll have to share with us why Marty's got a cut on his upper lip. Was he accident prone even way back then???

3 years old. What a couple of cuties!!! (Mike: left/Marty: right)

3 1/2 years old. Can you see the twinkling eyes tellling of the mischief they're about to get into constantly??? (Marty: left/Mike: right)

And here they are now. (Mike left and Marty right)

I'm going to have to get them to go motorcycle riding together soon so I can get their pictures on their bikes!


E said...

My favorite is the very last 'kid' picture of them. Marty still has that same little grin when he's up to no good! =0)

He had that same grin when he wore the 'skirt' for us at camp!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes even way back then Marty was an accident looking for a place to happen. That split lip came from jumping on the bed with his "mighty tonka" dump truck. Of course that was enough years ago they were made of metal. There weren't many pictures of Marty taken when he was little that didn't show a bump, cut, or bruise somewhere. Billie

lacey said...

very very cute---what happend??? :)

hope it made you feel better!!!

marty has always got that mischievious look about him dont he?

Debbie said...

Awww aren't our husbands adorable... mischievous but adorable.... still are! Gotta love'em


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