Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hodgson Water Mill

To check out the beginning of this day of our vacation go here, then here.

The last stop of the day was Hodgson Water Mill. The ownership of this mill seems to change hands frequently and it has been years since I've been there and the store was open at all. The biggest change here was the large tree in front of the spring that has fallen over. It sure changes the look I remember! At the back of the mill is a door that leads to a cave into the rocky bluff behind the mill. No one I know has ever been in the cave.

Just downstream from the mill.

I tried to capture another funny shot of Regina trying to get a shot of the waterfall and mill. She got up before I could get it, but Mom got a good one!

As I soon found out the above pose is almost required to get this shot!

I just like the way this tree reflects in the spring.

Marty and me in front of the mill.

Regina, Kristy, me, Dillon and Mom.

me, Mom, and Regina

the water wheel under the mill.

I thought the sprays of waters and gears under the water wheel looked pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

Those aren't gears, they're turbines!



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