Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Christmas Walk in the Woods

I posted here about our Christmas Day in Missouri and mentioned the girls' walk in the woods. I got several good pictures on our trek that day and decided to post them. The above photo is of me and both my sisters.

I think this walk in the woods was my favorite part of Christmas day. I so miss walking with my sisters and my mom and I really miss the woods we all walked in.

All us younger girls waited paitiently at the top of the big hill for Mom and Grandma to climb the hill.

After Mom and Grandma headed back home, the rest of us continued on to wander in the pine forest across the highway.

Mom's driveway.

One of the paths through the pine trees.

See what I mean about the tall trees in Missouri that South Texas sadly lacks?

Lacey and Me. Notice she's in PINK??? Lacey never wears pink! At least she never did!

Our niece CeCe, Me, Lacey and Regina.

My sister in law Lis and Me.

I love this photo of Regina and CeCe. I think Regina's showing CeCe some of the pictures on her camera.

Lacey and Regina.

As we headed back to Mom's, when I got to the top of the big hill the sun was setting and I thought the sky looked pretty framed by all the bare tree tops.

(Don't forget to check back through previous posts as I update/add pictures from our trip to Missouri for Christmas)


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E said...

Awesome setting and very nice pictures. You're right - the trees ARE tall and beautiful.

OH - and Jason & I both agree with Debi. =0)


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