Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Night

Our closest friends, Erica and Jason had other plans for New Year's Eve and they didn't get to join the rest of us as we rung in 2008. We decided today to join them for dinner and a game and movie night on New Year's Night. Heather missed our fun since she's spending the rest of the week with Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie but I bet she's having fun too!

We joined Erica and Jason for dinner at Chili's then returned to their house. Erica and I played a game of Bandu with Cameron while Jason and Marty watched some action flick we didn't care to see. Riley was busy most of the evening hanging out in her new room watching a movie on her new tv (the lucky kid!)

I had never played Bandu before, but they took pity on this beginner with shaky hands! When I was stuck, Erica was nice enough to give me the game piece I needed to be able to continue to build my tower. Cam wasn't so nice to his mom! (But she won the game anyway!)

When we arrived at their house, their new dog Boomer made friends with Marty right away.

Cameron entertained us with a mini concert with his new violin. He played "Jesus Loves Me" for us.

Erica concentrating hard to keep her tower from tumbling.

I love the looks on both Cam's and Erica's faces in this one! I STILL don't know how Erica's tower stayed up this long!!!

The guys are pretty engrossed in their movie...

But they paused it long enough to check out our game.

Doesn't Cam look like he's getting pretty cocky??

Erica sure got a kick out of giving me all these pieces to try to stack!!!

Cam's tower tumbled!!!

Happy New Year's Day everyone!!!


C&C Mama said...

Happy New Year to you too!

E said...

We enjoyed it too. Glad you could come. Nice to be able to just relax - and not feel the need to really 'entertain'. =0)


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