Saturday, January 19, 2008


I got up very early this morning in order to have Heather at the high school by 7:00 for a dance clinic trip. It's been a hectic week with some late nights so another early morning was not something I was looking forward to! I dropped Heather off at the school and despite the coldness of the morning I drove to the park hoping to see steam/mist rising off the water in the early morning light. There was some, but not the view I was hoping for. I took a couple of pictures and decided to head home.

(I did not intend to post these pictures this small, but if you want to see them bigger, just click on them.)

The dam at Starcke Park

Looking at the gas guage I decided I'd better go fill up the car first. As the tank was filling I completely changed my mind about how I'd spend the day. I had planned to get a lot of housework done today! Doesn't that sound like a fun way to spend a Saturday?! I called Marty and had to call twice to wake him up. I simply said, "Get up, get dressed, I'm on my way home to pick you up." He sounded very groggy and his response was, "uh, ok." It wasn't long before he called back to inquire where we were going. I told him I had no clue, just driving. He was ready when I got home and back out the door I went. I considered driving to Blanco, the same route I had taken once before.

We began with that destination in mind, but just as I got to the turn off to go to Wimberley, I said, "let's go to Wimberley instead. I've never been there." As he was dozing off and on in the passenger seat, he didn't seem to care what the destination was. I drove across the Blanco River and it looked really pretty but I saw nowhere to pull over to go back for pictures so I kept driving. I crossed a small pretty creek, Cedar Creek and passed a road that looked promising. I turned around and found a small parking lot next to the creek and we got out to explore. It was a very small section of the creek but a very pretty, peaceful spot. The prettier spots upstream and downstream were both posted with numerous "private property" and "no trespassing" signs, so I got what pictures I could from where I was allowed and drove on up the road. It wasn't long before I saw a road called "River Road" and I decided to see where it went. It's a gorgeous drive along the Blanco River, even in winter, but with no places to pull off and park to take pictures. There are more "private property" and "no trespassing" signs everywhere and even posts and fencing in place to keep cars from parking anywhere along the roadside. I did find one spot where the cable was broken and no signs so I parked the car briefly and walked a little ways to take a few pictures before venturing on.

Scenic view enroute to Wimberley

Cedar Creek in Wimberley, TX

River Road along the Blanco River in Wimberley, TX

I took another route back toward home, one that came back through Canyon Lake. We drove around the lake a little and Marty asked me if I wanted to see a house he'd built near there, as well as his current job site. I said sure and he gave me directions. Stay tuned for pictures of his current building project.....


E said...

Does this mean your Christmas tree is still up then? =0)

Oh well, glad y'all had a nice relaxing morning.

lacey said...

cool this mean a new swimming hole????

hey im ready to go to texas again!!! my drive into work this morning was very chilly 4 degrees was the warmest until i parked and then it was a whole 7!!!!!!!!!! soooo cold!!!!!!!!!


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