Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things Could Be Much Worse

I guess I shouldn't complain when the temperature dips and I get cold. Things could be worse, weather-wise. We've actually had a very mild winter, especially compared to winters I've experienced BEFORE moving to South Texas!

My sister Lacey made me very thankful yesterday that I live where I do. She lives in Southwest Missouri and she emailed me yesterday afternoon to tell me that although the temperature was in the upper 60's that morning, by early afternoon it had fallen to 20 degrees and it was spitting snow. Wind chills had it feeling like it was in the single digits! BRRRRRR!

So even though today was in the lower 60's and a bit windy, I still long for even warmer days. I prefer even hot, humid summer days to these cold and cool winter days. I look forward to days warm enough to play in the warm waves at the beach and laze in the sun.

I guess rather than moping about a summer that seems so far away I should be thankful I'm no longer in Northern Wyoming where I lived for a very BRIEF time, and experienced the most bone-chilling cold of my life. Marty and I lived in a teeny tiny town (Kirby) and drove 30 miles to Worland every day for work. We moved there in August and left before winter was even over. Relatives of Marty's told me that was an unusually cold and wet winter but I didn't care. I just wanted out of there. Out of there and back in warm, wonderful Phoenix! For 2 weeks straight when we lived in Kirby, every morning I got up the thermometer we kept on the window read at least 40 degrees below zero. 2 WEEKS!!!! I thought I was never going to feel warm again! Marty still laughs that during that time I came home from work and crawled straight into bed every day because the house felt so cold. One of those cold mornings Marty drug me outside because there was something I "had to see." He poured the coffe out of his mug...and it froze in mid air! I'd never seen that before! Now that is cold! I remember what a great mood all my coworkers were in when that 2-week cold spell broke and we finally climbed to zero degrees!

I celebrated the day Marty was offered his former job back in Phoenix and we decided to move back! We contemplated whether to move then or wait until spring and more predictable weather. We decided the sooner the better and left in March between winter storms and while the canyon was clear and the road over South Pass was passable. The day we left Marty took a yard stick out to the yard and there was an accumulated 26 inches of snow still in the yard.

That was the winter I learned to drive in the ice and snow. I'd never had opportunity to do so before. I moved to Phoenix right out of high school and never did drive in the snow when I lived in Missouri as a teenager. To make it even more interesting, I learned to drive in the snow in a 1967 Firebird. I managed to keep that car on the road, even if it did get a bit "squirrely" at times.

Even I can appreciate a good snowfall for sledding and the beautiful scenery, but only for so long. I guess that's why I enjoy South Texas so much. We did have a bit more winter last year here. There was an ice storm in January, 2007. It didn't last long at all, but I did get out long enough to get a few pictures of it, some of which I posted here. Here are more:

Stay Warm!!!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 28, 2008

Awww....Weren't They Sweet?

Just needed a "pick me up" after a stressful evening and decided some cute photos might do the trick!

Most of you who know me well know my husband Marty is a twin (fraternal). I love the twins' baby photos! They are adorable!

Marty and I have moved around a lot, from state to state and his brother Mike is in the military so he moves a lot too. Because of that, they haven't lived close to one another since they both graduated high school almost 20 years ago. Mike is now stationed in a city very close to us and we are sure enjoying having him so close! It has been awesome getting to know him and his family.

Newborn twins. 4 days old. Which is which? (My secret's always been to see which one has larger ears!)
(Mike's the one crying in this photo)

Mike and Marty with their Mama (Billie) Mike appears to be kissing Marty. They are 24 days old in this photo.

14 months old. (Marty's on the left, Mike's on the right)

I absolutely love this photo of them! (18 months old) Although Heather mostly looks like me and has all her life, this photo of Marty (on the right) has always made me see resemblances in Heather and Marty.

2 years old. Billie, you'll have to share with us why Marty's got a cut on his upper lip. Was he accident prone even way back then???

3 years old. What a couple of cuties!!! (Mike: left/Marty: right)

3 1/2 years old. Can you see the twinkling eyes tellling of the mischief they're about to get into constantly??? (Marty: left/Mike: right)

And here they are now. (Mike left and Marty right)

I'm going to have to get them to go motorcycle riding together soon so I can get their pictures on their bikes!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Most Sunday nights after church find us heading into town with a group of friends from church for a late dinner. Tonight, the evening's church service was a fish fry for missions, which negated the need to drive into town for dinner. A group of us sat around visiting for a while but most had to go get kids ready for bed and left early in the evening. Erica's hubby Jason had to work tonight so we decided to head to my house for a game of Scrabble to end the evening. I've finally found a friend who loves to play Scrabble as much as I do! Last Sunday Erica won the Scrabble game but oh was it a close game! Tonight's game was another close one, but I was victorious! Woo Hoo! 238-225! Cam started the game with us but it wasn't long before the movie the rest of the kids were watching gained his attention. Good game while you lasted "Pokey Boy!"

While we played, Heather grabbed my camera. She's constantly trying unique angles when she takes pictures and some she took were...let's just say interesting. Here are the rest she took:

Gosh, do we take our games serious or what???

Until next time, E!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Trumpet Swans

I have been "spring cleaning" at my house all day long so I have nothing new to post. I do, however have some more photos of the trumpet swans I took in Arkansas in December that I haven't posted. So while you wait for me to find something exciting to take pictures of, enjoy looking at more of the swans! Click here to read more info and see other pictures of the trumpet swans.

"Bottoms Up"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Drab, Colorless Winter?

Nah! Look closer!

At first glance it appears winter hasn't much color. It seems all that's visible are gray skies, brown and gray leafless trees, brown fields and lawns of dried, dead brown grasses. But, look closer. What's this I see? Red? Yes! There's red everywhere I look, red berries I see!

So, while you're out and about and thinking the world looks gloomy at this time of year, look again! You might just see some unexpected color.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maybe This Will Warm Us Up!

Have I mentioned that I don't like it when it's cold??? Well, I don't! I moved to South Texas in part to get away from the cold Missouri winters. This week, it feels like I'm in Missouri! It's cold and dreary outside and I'm soooo ready for summer! I know, I know, all you who live in the north where it's REALLy cold are laughing at my complaints of cold. I think our lows have been in the 30's...but me that's too cold. I often tease Marty during the winter months that he's going to have to move me somewhere tropical!

So, those of you who are right here with me in thinking this Texas winter weather is for the birds....hopefully this will warm you up a bit.

I was going through old pictures on the computer, looking to see if there's anything new to post and found these. I've posted a couple of them before, but for the most part these are new to you. May they warm you up just like a steaming mug of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.....or coffee in your favorite cup.....or a big bowl of Mama's chili made just the way you like it. Whatever warms you up from the inside out, grab some and get warm! Meanwhile I'm off to find some hot chocolate! (If Marty didn't take it all again! :0) )


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