Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dawt Mill Revisited...With Photoshop

I decided tonight to tweak a few of the pictures I took on Christmas vacation. I opened 3 pictures all taken the same day and all taken at Dawt Mill in Missouri.

This first shot was taken of the dam behind the mill. This shot is straight out of the camera, nothing done to it. The water did really appear this blue that day.

I saturated the color a bit to try to enhance the evergreens and sky and added a soft border, and I tweaked the contrast just a hair.

I then changed the picture to sepia tones. I like this particular picture better in full color.

This shot was taken standing on the bridge downstream from the waterfall. It seems pretty bland with all the bare branches and the gray sky. But, I want to try to bring out the reflections in the water a little more. This is straight out of the camera:

Here's the same shot with the color saturated and a soft border added. I also selected a few areas of the photo to saturate separately. Notice the reflections now.

I then zoomed in to crop the photo closer to the reflections, making sure to keep the blue waters downstream still in the picture.

Here's the water wheel, straight out of the camera.

The first thing I did was remove the unsightly extension chord from the photo altogether! (The clone or rubber stamp tool is awesome!) I then saturated the colors a little but not much. I tried to get the sky bluer but didn't have much luck. Then I added a soft border.

Then I changed it to sepia. There's just something about old wooden objects in sepia.


E said...

Wow, Tammy.....

You REALLY WERE bored tonight, weren't you? =0)

Jason said...

I was bored until Erica sent me the 80's lyrics test. My night quickly changed to excitement when I found out that I spanked you and Erica on the test. A whopping 86. Booya!!!

busysingersmom said...

Beautiful!!! I may be sending you a photoshop project soon. :D


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