Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family Fun the Bowling Alley

After pitching horseshoes all afternoon Friday, the whole family piled in the suburban for an evening of bowling. Bowling with this family can be intimidating since Marty, his brother, and his mom have all bowled on leagues, bowled in tournaments and even coached bowlers. They all take this game seriously! They've all also given up trying to coach me and have all agreed I have much more fun just enjoying the game and bowling badly rather than trying to get me to figure out how to do it right. :0)

Of course with this bunch and the festive moods we were all in I'm surprised anyone could bowl at all.

Anyone who has ever bowled with Heather knows it is rare to see her toss the ball in a normal fashion. Here's proof that sometimes she does!
Heather bowling2

Billie with her twins Mike and Marty.
Billie_boys bowling

See what I meant? No one was safe from pranksters when bowling that night! Marty seems completely oblivious to Mike...for now.
Marty_Mike bowling

Hey! I really can do this by myself and I do not need your help! :0)
Tammy_Marty bowling

Heather even got in on the pranks when my father in law Freddie was up to bowl.
Heather_Freddie bowling

This is normal for Heather. Notice she has her back to the lane. She really did send the ball down the lane from this position. She seldom scores great, but even so has been known to score higher than I do.
Heather bowling

I don't think Debbie had any idea what was coming.
Mike_Debbie bowling2

Nor did Tony when his mama snuck up on him!
Debbie_Tony bowling

Billie sure had Tony tickled about something! Poor fella could not bowl that round!
Billie_Tony bowling

What a fun bunch we all were and what a great day of laughter!
Mike_Debbie bowling

Billie don't try looking so innocent. We all know you're up to something!
Freddie_Billie bowling

Thanks for a GREAT day everyone! I think we all enjoyed it immensely!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Day of Goofy Family FUN!!!

We spent another afternoon yesterday with Marty's family. After watching "Mama Mia" everyone wondered outside. While Mike and Debbie played pool in my inlaws' game room, Marty and my father in law Freddie pitched horseshoes. Billie and I chatted while all this was going on and I suggested we join the horseshoes when the guys finished. I hadn't played in YEARS and as I tried to remember exactly when I'd last played, I realized it was when the kids were little and she'd hosted a family reunion at her house in Wyoming. That was a long time ago, so I held no high hopes of doing well with horseshoes this time. Marty and I played against Billie and Freddie and we lost. I made a few points but mostly any points earned were by Marty. Then Marty and I played Mike and Debbie and Debbie and I scored more points than the fellas! My grandpa (who first taught me to play horseshoes when I was small) would have been proud! We were definitely on a roll! There was much heckling from both the guys and the gals. The horseshoe fun had to end all too soon so we could eat dinner and head to town for an evening of bowling. We sure got some goofy shots while we played though!

Marty sent his horseshoe flying. He and I played against Freddie and Billie.
Marty_Freddie horseshoes

Freddie's turn.
Freddie horseshoes

Our spectators, Mike and Debbie. At times they looked like the paparazzi!

It's been years since I've done this, but apparently I've still got it! :0)
Tammy horseshoes2

My mother in law Billie shows us how it's done.
Billie horseshoes

Mike and Marty crack me up with how serious they take all their games. The look on Mike's face as he concentrates is so funny!
Mike horseshoes

Marty shows Debbie and me how to measure for points.
Marty_Tammy_Debbie horseshoes

I scored a point! Woo hoo!
Tammy horseshoes

And I got a RINGER!!!! Even though Debbie was my opponent, she celebrated with me. We had so much fun being so goofy all afternoon!
Tammy_Debbie horseshoes

Debbie had a victory dance when she scored.
Debbie horseshoes

What fun times families can have together!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was spent with Marty's family. We didn't have far to travel at all, as Marty's mom (Billie) and stepdad (Freddie) live just down the road from us. Marty's twin brother Mike and his family are spending a few days with Billie and Freddie during Christmas. Mike will have to go to Iraq soon and has taken the month of December off to spend with his family. We have had a wonderful couple of days with family! Be watching for more of what we've been up to!

Each Christmas Billie chooses one person to lavish with extra special gifts. She began doing this after her husband Bob passed away. I was the first lucky recipient of the extra Christmas gifts. This year Heather's name was drawn. The recipient receives many gag gifts in addition to one really awesome gift. Heather had to open many funny gifts before opening the gift she'd been waiting for! She received a note telling her to go order her class ring and Granny would pay for it. How awesome is that?! Before getting to that gift she opened funky toe socks (because doesn't every granny at some point buy the grandkids socks for Christmas??), candy in boxes made to look like video games (because video games are usually on her Christmas list), a teeny tiny stuffed monkey, etc. Each gift had Heather and everyone else laughing and laughing.


Ever since Heather was little bitty she's always stuck the bows from her gifts on her head. She still does!

Opening gifts:


Tony was very touched upon receiving some of his late grandfather's woodworking supplies.
Tony gift 2


Freddie wanted to read my sticky notes from Billie. They said Chocolate: The Happy Food Group.

My sister in law Debbie

Heather with one of her gag gifts.

Marty gift

Freddie, Billie, Tony and Marty looking at some of my late father in law's woodworking projects.
Tony gift 1

Heather with Granny's bird "Bonnie." I think Heather is this bird's favorite human. I think her owner is actually her least favorite human. Sorry Billie!

After dinner the boys target practiced from the deck. Is this a redneck activity or what???


Billie challenged me to a game of Scrabble. I beat her twice then Mike joined us for the third game and I won again. Yay me! Billie and I usually run a very close race and go back and forth with wins and losses. This was my night!

Merry Christmas! (Christmas Morning)

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas day! We sure did!

Christmas morning found me to be the first one awake and waiting for Marty and Heather to get up so we could all open presents! Both were sure I'd be the last one up but Marty, who is usually up before the rest, was the last. It's funny how Christmas morning begins later and later as Heather gets older! I can remember well all the Christmas mornings lying in bed and hearing tiny feet hit the floor and run into the living room to see what Santa left...soon to be followed by squeals of deligt as she'd run to our room and show us her goodies. She doesn't wake us up anymore but she still gets up very early to see what Santa left and goes back to bed until the rest of us get up.

See, here's proof that I did finally get all the gifts wrapped and put under the tree!

Christmas tree

We all take turns opening gifts and Heather usually opens the first wrapped gift every year.

Heather is loving having a job and her own money. I think she really enjoyed choosing Christmas gifts for family this year! I love the blouse she chose for me and the gift certificate for tanning as well! She was so excited to go with me to the motorcycle shop so she could get Marty stuff for the bike!

I was on the lookout for a nice leather jacket for Marty for going out or going to church. The one he wears riding just doesn't work well for anything else! I found the perfect one at the outlet mall and it's the softest leather I have ever felt. His Mom paid half so this gift is from both of us.



I think I can safely say from the look on Heather's face that she loves the "skinny jeans" I found for her! I love that she had this look on her face ALL day long and it was obvious to all she was in a great mood all day!

Unwrapping gifts:

Marty got gadgets for his computer! I got him a racing game, a wireless mouse, an mp3 player and a flash drive. Funny thing is, we all 3 got new flash drives from each other this year!
Marty DSC03125

Apparently I got a little carried away with the tape....

It is so awesome to have a hubby so supportive of my hobby! I got a newer version of my Heather got my old one!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Candlelight Christmas

Yesterday was our church's annual Candlelight Christmas Service. This was the first year I've been able to attend one of these services. Last year we went to Missouri for Christmas so I missed it, and in the years prior to that, I was in the nursery during church services. I was excited about being able to see and hear this service firsthand. It was a beautiful service with the church auditorim lit mostly by candlelight.

At the beginning of the service as the pastor spoke of blessings of Christmas such as hope, peace, love, faithfulness, etc. As he mentioned each one, someone in the congregation lit a candle at the front of the room to represent each blessing of Christmas. Afterward, every person in the congregation formed a line to light their own candle from the large center candle up front and formed a large circle around the whole auditorium and sang "Silent Night" together. It really was a beautiuful service.

Because of the low light I had to keep the shutter of the camera open longer to capture any photos. In doing so, any movement at all caused bluriness so the photos of people aren't crisp at all...but I decided to post anyway so you could see for yourself the beauty of such a service. What a feeling to be able to worship together with my church family, especially at Christmas!

My friends Denise and Nancy playing the piano and keyboard during the service. What beautiful music!
Candlelight Christmas DSC03078

I couldn't even get half the congregation in the photo.
Candlelight Christmas DSC03068

Heather. I guess she just couldn't hear me saying "hold still and don't move a muscle for about 6 seconds...." lol
Candlelight Christmas_Heather

Our friends Larry, Pat, Lisa and Billy.
Candlelight Christmas Lisa's family

Denise at the piano.
I just love the Christmas tree in this room!
Candlelight Christmas DSC03076_1

Merry Christmas!


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