Friday, January 11, 2008

Starsteppers Take the Court

It's time for Basketball! The Lady Mats took on Austin Bowie tonight and won 46-28. For most basketball games the Starsteppers Dance Team cheers on the team from the stands. Tonight they were able to perform a routine during half time. They performed a jazz routine to a "basketball medley" and even wore basketball jerseys as their costume. Half the girls wore white jerseys and the other half black. Heather is in the 25 jersey.

left to right: Heather, Machelle, Jenalee, Brooke, Sydney

Heather and Machelle are both airborn!

I love Brooke's pose here!

Heather, Machelle, Jenalee and Brooke.

Jenalee and Brooke. These girls have been friends of Heather's for several years. Brooke has danced with Heather since the day we moved to Texas almost 7 years ago.


C&C Mama said...

Good job, Heather! Cute dance!

E said...

Looks cool, Heather. Hope you guys all had fun tonight. =0)

busysingersmom said...

That's funny. I posted a basketball related post today, then clicked over here and saw yours! We are on the same wave length, Tammy. :D


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