Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Walk Beside Me...

I just returned from spending a weekend in my hometown celebrating my 25th high school reunion. This was only the 2nd reunion I've attended and attending both of those has made me regret not attending earlier reunions. We spent 3 days attending various events and it was a weekend FULL of laughter. My husband, who was not in my class or even from my state, enjoys my class reunions and hanging out with my classmates. I believe without a doubt our class is one in a million!

As I was driving home tonight after church and remembering the weekend's events our class motto suddenly came to mind. I remember just over 25 years ago writing down the words of a slogan I'd seen that stuck with me, and was later adopted by our class as the motto when I nominated it:

"Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Just walk beside me, and be my friend."

It struck me just how true this motto is for the majority of our class. No we haven't all kept in contact the past 25 years. Many have moved away. Even more have stayed.  Some have no interest in the reunions. But there are connections despite the years and miles that just can't be explained. Some classmates I visited with at the reunion I haven't seen nor spoken to in 25 years. Some I have kept in touch with, and some I keep up with on facebook. Still others I didn't even recognize and had to ask who they were!

There are many photos I missed taking, particularly the night of the class dinner. Somewhere in the evening I sat my camera down and didn't pick it up again until just before we left. I got busy visiting with old friends and missed many photo opportunities. I regret the missed photos, but I don't regret taking the time to visit at all.

I don't know if it's because we were a small high school in a small rural town or exactly what it is that makes us share the bonds that we do, but I know there's an unexplainable bond that just seems stronger each time this group meets. It is my hope that as the years fly by that bond doesn't weaken but instead remains steadily growing stronger. I have found that friendships from my youth remain intact and added to that are friendships with those I did not hang out with in high school but am enjoying getting to know now.

The West Plains High School Class of '89 Reassembled 25 years later:

I attended school in West Plains throughout my childhood, however I moved from one rural school to another just prior to 3rd grade. I was reunited with my Kinder-2nd grade classmates once we reached high school. This photo reminds me of being reunited with my South Fork pals way back then. Joby and Tom are part of the South Fork group:

Nikki and I were friends in high school and later worked together when I lived in Missouri many years ago:

Jesse and Christy and I all worked at McDonalds after high school. Christy worked morning and Jesse and I were on the closing crew. If I remember correctly Jesse was one of those responsible for my closing initiation involving a sink full of mustard! Yuck...but fun memories!

I have fond memories of freshman PE when Karmen and another classmate were determined to teach me to do a back handspring. I was never successful but they made the attempts fun. Karmen is the backbone of our amazing class. Without her I'm not sure our reunions would go so smooth. She does a fabulous job of organizing and making sure everything comes together.

I am sure the greatest laughter of the weekend was spent during our class scavenger hunt. Teams were formed and we raced all over town as 15 clues led us to places that no longer exist but in our memories and photos. Our team, Andy's Angels, all crammed into my suburban and succeeded in beating all the other teams by almost 300 points!

An example of one scavenger hunt clue that took us to where the old Imperial Bowl used to stand and where we acted out bowling for the camera:

One of my favorite reunion events is our class float trip. Our trip is always led by Kurt and his wife and they are an absolute riot. Here they are ducking as we made our way under Patrick Bridge:

I have yet to find a place in Texas I like to canoe as much as the rivers back home. My husband snapped this photo of me taking a picture as we floated downstream:


This is just a small sample of the memories made. I sure look forward to what the 30th year reunion will bring!

I am very proud to be a class of '89 Zizzer!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fashion Fun

You may already know that in January of this year I began a new venture and opened an online clothing boutique. I am having so much fun with it and selecting clothes to carry!!! Recently a family I had met on a couple of occasions through a mutual friend began attending the same church I do. Because we had met in the past it was easy to strike up a conversation. My new friend is gorgeous and I teased her that she should model for my online store: A Moment in Tyme. Then I asked her seriously if she would consider modeling for me. She accepted immediately, although she was a bit apprehensive. She had never modeled before and we had so much fun capturing images. I look forward to working with her a lot more as new inventory continues to arrive. She's a natural!

Meet my new friend Amanda! Leave a comment letting us know you stopped by and I'll make sure Amanda reads them as well.

For more photos of Amanda's modeling or to order the clothes she's wearing, check out A Moment in Tyme at www.a

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pretty Angel

On a shopping trip last year I found a skirt I fell in love with. I didn't buy it at the time but after leaving it on the rack I could not get it out of my head. I did look at the label (Pretty Angel) and remembered the name. Since that time I've found more and more Pretty Angel fashions and I love love love the look!

I grew up fairly poor and fashion sense didn't exist in the life I lived. I wore what was handed down or I could afford and that was it. For years I wore baggy bulky clothes in an attempt to hide my "too skinny" "too boney" frame, labels I adopted from what others said to me.

In my 30's I began to see clothes in a new light and discovered the baggy bulky clothes I wore just didn't help me at all. I began to embrace my size and shop accordingly. I still didn't find a look that was just "me," until I found "Pretty Angel" fashions. Their clothes have a flair of vintage, are so feminine/pretty/romantic who can help but love the look and feel?!

For my 43rd birthday my husband bought the skirt I left hanging on the rack months before. Since then, I have begun to offer Pretty Angel fashions and other similar styles of clothing in my own online boutique "A Moment in Tyme."

Pretty Angel remains my favorite brand I carry and I continue to be drawn to those styles for my boutique.

The skirt I fell in love with? I carry it now, but in a different color. Mine is brown but the one in my store is aqua and just as gorgeous:

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Moment in Tyme

A new venture has just taken off and I'm very excited to share it! I have found some clothing styles I absolutely adore! Where I live there aren't any stores that carry these styles and I don't often venture to the towns where I can find them easily. I've decided to make them available to others in my area who might love them just as much as I do.

 Currently my inventory is small and only available online. I am honoring my family's plan to become debt free and working on building this business with NO DEBT. To do so, I will begin small with a small inventory and build my inventory as sales increase. One day I look forward to opening a physical store!

Be watching as I add more and more fashionable women's clothing with a vintage flair!

If you love these styles as much as I do, keep checking back often as I obtain new merchandise often!

You can find these clothes available on my new website at


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