Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girls Night Out

Marty had a meeting at church along with several other men tonight so I suggested to a few of the other ladies we all go watch the final production of the high school play. Most were unable to go due to preparing Halloween costumes, etc. I knew Heather would want to attend to support her friends in the cast and crew. Lisa planned to attend with me but she became sick and stayed home to rest, but she let me take Chandler to see the play. Cheney stayed home with his mama because he'd already seen the play with his class at school. Thanks for loaning Chandler to me for the evening, Lisa! We had a great time!

I picked Chandler up from her Meme's house and we then headed into town to pick Heather up from band practice. While we waited in the car we could hear the band practicing and Chandler sang along with the band. The three of us then went to our favorite local hamburger joint, Kirby's, for dinner. During dinner Heather and I were able to convince Chandler to blow a kiss to my camera phone so we could text the photo to her parents and say that she was blowing them kisses.

After dinner we met my friend Reva (also Chandler's aunt) at the high school to watch the play together. Heather warned me some of the characters might frighten Chandler and she was right...some of them did. Chandler was very attentive throughout the play and was wonderful to have along. I felt bad for her though when some of the scenes scared her.

The play was "Jack and the Magic Beans." Heather's friend Ryan played a troll who ran in and out of scenes throughout the play, mostly chasing and trying to find the chicken the laid the golden egg. The chicken seemed to fascinate Chandler, but the troll definitely scared her.

Jack and the Chicken
Jack and Chicken2

Jack's Mom, the Chicken and Jack
Jack and Chicken

The character who played the harp sang very beautifully! I was very impressed.

One of the girls Heather danced with several years ago played the queen (center of photo). To the right of her is Miss Priss, the cow Jack traded for magic beans. It's a toss up to me which stole the show...Miss Priss or the Troll.
Jack and Queen

Chandler in the auditorium with her Aunt Reva.
Reva and Chandler

After the play we made Ryan pose for a picture with us when I know he really wanted to get out of that wig and makeup.
Reva, Ryan, Heather, Chandler. (Chandler would not go near Ryan as the troll!)
Ryan as Troll

Ryan and Heather
Heather and Ryan

Chandler and Me. Chandler you were awesome tonight. You can come hang out with me ANY time!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I posted about our trip to the Pumpkin Patch on my other blog. Tonight Heather decided she was ready to carve her jack o lantern. We realized early on why she's never done this before. Daddy always does the pumpkin carving and tonight as she cleaned the mess out of the inside of her pumpkin we all remembered how much she hates that part. When Heather was little she was always very fussy about keeping herself and her clothes very clean. She would not play in the dirt or even the grass, only the concrete patio. If she got her clothes dirty, they must be changed right away. As she got older she did learn to enjoy the dirt and even got messy, but when it came to pumpkins she'd have no part of removing pumpkin and seeds from within. But tonight, she was on her own so to speak. Marty helped her get started but this was her project and therefore her job to finish cleaning it out and readying it for carving. She managed to get the job done so she could get on with the carving.

The planning...

Instructions from Daddy...


Ewwww this is messy!

Ick! Look at my hands!

Carving the details.


She So Makes Me Laugh!

I just never know what Heather's going to say or do next. If you'll remember in my last post I mentioned she might get bored now that marching band is over and the contests are over and her life will slow down. When I picked her up from dance practice last night she told me she's decided to try out for Winter Guard (Winter Guard is an indoor competion color guard team--called winter guard because Color Guard is the team that performs with the marching band and Winter Guard works on routines strictly for contests). Heather said "I suddenly have an urge to twirl a flag." For some reason that statement struck me as very funny and I didn't object at all. We'll see where this new road takes us. Tryouts are Nov. 10 so keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Marching Season's Almost Over

As Heather says, she will soon have a life again. The high school band has had a contest every Saturday in October, they have practice after school every Monday through Thursday, and football games every Friday. Although she gets worn out from it by the end of the month, she LOVES it. But she also says she and the other band kids always look forward to the end of marching season because "then they can have lives again." I know Heather though and I know how bored she gets at the end of marching season. This year may not be so bad since she works every weekend.

Saturday evening Marty and I met his family for dinner to celebrate my father in law's birthday. (Happy Belated Birthday Freddie!!!).

(Sitting from the left around the table: Freddie, Billie, Marty, Me, Marty, Mike, Debbie, Cheyenne)
family dinner

After dinner they all followed us over to watch the USSBA State Band Contest. Our band did a great job and we stayed to watch other bands and then to hear the results and see the trophies awarded.

The Mellophones. Heather is in the lower right hand corner of the photo. I sure have a much harder time finding her when she's marching at contest than when she's marching at a football game!

marching band2

marching band

Heather is in the lower right hand corner of this photo.

Here are the results of all the band contests:

USSBA Regionals - 3rd place 4a, Best Percussion, & Best Visual

Judson Rocket Review - 1st Place 4a, Grand Champions,
Best Percussion, Best Color Guard, & Best Visual

UIL Contest - Division 1 Rating

USSBA State Championships - 2nd Place 4A, and Best Percussion.

A big trophy was presented to our band's drum majors and color guard captain.
drum majors

Great job, Matadors!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We Got Charged

As is the norm for our Friday nights in the fall, we attended the high school football game. This one was an away game, in Boerne. My friend Pat invited us to ride with her and her family so we gobbled down quick sandwiches as soon as Marty got home from work and headed out.

Unfortunately the Matadors lost their game to the Chargers. I think the final score was 54 to 38. As has been the case in several of the past games we started out well but just couldn't keep it up througout the game. We have one more away game and one more home game. The last home game will also be the game where the dancers dance with their dads (or substitutes) for the half time show. It's known as the "Bob and Sue" dance and is a tradition of the dance team. They'll begin practicing with their dads this Sunday and it's always fun to go watch the dads as they learn their parts.

The dancers performed their pom routine last night, and were allowed to wear their uniform pants instead of the skirts since it was pretty nippy outside.

The Starsteppers


As soon as the dance was over Heather and 2 other dancers who are also in band ran to the 50-yard line to grab their instruments and take their places with the band.

I've been experimenting more with the manual settings on my camera and I think I'm much closer to finding setting that work for capturing shots of these moving kids under the lights of the stadiums.....and there are only 2 more games left in which to experiement!

My favorite mellophone player, of course.

She always looks so serious when performing with the band.

Marty brother Mike, his wife Debbie and their daughter Cheyenne met us in Boerne to watch the game with us.
Mike, Marty and Debbie:

Me with my niece Cheyenne.

At the end of every game the band plays the school song and the cheerleaders, dancers and anyone else who knows the words, sing along. This row of dancers were cracking up through the entire song!

As you can see, Heather doesn't always look so serious when performing with the dance team! Once they get back into formation in the stands they sometimes cut up and goof off!
"Miss Innocent"....NOT! ha!

After the game Heather wanted Cheyenne to come down to where she was to say hi. Such cute cousins!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Missed the Best Part of the Sunrise

I didn't have time to stop this morning to photograph the gorgeous sunrise I was seeing in my rearview mirror! I was so tempted but knew it would be impossible to do and get Heather to school on time, so I just kept driving. I dropped Heather off and decided rather than to go to the coffee shop for my morning coffee I'd run into McDonald's and check out their new coffees...and it was FREE!!! I didn't know it would be free when I decided to stop in so I was glad I chose to have my coffee there. It was pretty good, but I must say it's still not as good as my grande white chocolate mocha with caramel from the coffee shop!

With coffee in hand I headed back down the road to go to work. On the way this time I did have time to stop for some pictures, even though the sky wasn't near as spectacular as on the trip into town.

Although my evening didn't end as pretty as it started, I did have 2 white knights come to my rescue when a tire went flat on the suburban. Thanks Marty and Bill! Heather was sure impressed with how fast you two worked to get that taken care of!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Matadors vs. Buffalos

Our Mighty Matadors lost their Homecoming game against Clemens Buffalos last night. Our boys managed 2 touchdowns, one very early in the game but just couldn't seem to inch past those Buffalos again. It seems especially disappointing to lose our Homecoming game but we'll be right back out there watching them in Boerne next week.

Because it was Homecoming, the dancers and band did not perform at half time, but performed after the game. It was great to see so many people stay after the game was over to watch and support them!

It was a little chilly last night...the first game I've needed a jacket! I for one enjoy football seasons when it stays warm enough for no jackets at all!

I've been experimenting with more manual settings on my camera. I found some recommendations for my camera specifically for shooting night football games so I tried them out. Back to the drawing board....the photos have an overall bluish tint and I still didn't capture the action shots quite like I wanted.
Here are Michelle and Heather in the "Victory Line" before the game.


At halftime the Starsteppers and the Matador Band took the field to help present the Homecoming Court.

Presenting Sophomore Duke Joseph and Sophomore Duchess Valerie.

Because it was chilly, Cathy took the dancers into the gym for their warmup time.

Heather's kick during practice in the gym.

Cathy prays with the Starsteppers before every performance. That impresses me so much! Thank you, Cathy for taking such good care of our girls!

Heather and Michelle.

The Starsteppers' kick routine. Heather is in the middle, on the 50 yard line.

(Starstepper) Duchess Ashley (Junior class) with her flowers and sash. Congratulations Ashley!!!

Another Starstepper, Valerie, is the Duchess of the Sophomore class. Congrats Valerie!

Heather with her pal Ashley.

After dancing with the Starsteppers, Heather joined the band. The Mighty Matador Marching Band will be in contest today. Good luck Mats!!!


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