Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Bit of Randomness

I have 2 step-brothers and one step-sister. My step brothers were already adults and living on their own when Mom and Jerry got married. My step sister Sara was a teenager and is close to my sister Lacey's age. When Mom and Jerry married, the only "kids" still at home were Levi, Lacey, and Sara.

When we were in Missouri for Christmas, I got to see Sara a couple of times but I didn't see either of my step-brothers. They were both working. Neal drives a truck and was out of state. Justin used to drive a truck but terrible step sister that I am, I can't even remember what he does now!

Sara now is married and has 2 children of her own. Her daughter Emily was born just before we moved to Texas almost 7 years ago. Her son Nolan is 6 months old and such a cutie! The times I have visited my family in the past, Emily has had nothing to do with me. I can't blame her. She doesn't know me at all since I live so far away. But this visit was different. She was opening presents and opened a horse set that included a horse and stuff for the horse's mane as well as stuff for Emily's hair and a crown. Emily brought me her goodies to get out of the box. What a task that was! Apparently kid-proof means almost Tammy-proof too! She then let me take a few pictures of her before she decided enough was enough.

"Princess" Emily.

Sara and Nolan

Nolan and me

Nolan didn't fuss at all when I picked him up from his mama to hold him. He was as content as could be...until I tried to hand him off to Davy so I could get more food! He wanted nothing to do with Davy. So, I took him back and just took him with me to get my plate refilled! I do love babies (especially when they like me back! ha ha)

Nolan. What a cute baby boy! I love his eyes!

Since I was snapping pictures of Sara's kids and Levi was close by, I made him pose with me for a picture too! He was a pretty good sport about it, but seems to suffer from the same affliction as our sister Regina.....they always close their eyes when the camera shutter is released!

Me and Levi

That evening we met Marty's friend and former employer Jake, his wife Lisa and their 2 boys at TJ's for dinner. TJ's is known to be the best steakhouse in West Plains. Jacob and Thomas have grown so much since we saw them last!

I told Jacob that by the time he sees us again if he keeps growing so fast, he'll be the one resting his arm on Heather's head!!!

Heather and Jacob. Doesn't she look smug?! We'll see how smug she looks next time when he's taller than her!

Thomas was very shy but I managed to get one picture of him before he hid behind his Mama!


Just a Walk in the Park said...

Great pictures, especially the one with the beautiful blue eyed baby!

It looks like yo uhad a wonderful time.

The Park Wife

Grace said...

Justin works at Fosters.You got some good pics.


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