Friday, December 28, 2007

BRAVO! Partially Reunited

Last night was the pizza party BRAVO! Reunion. When Heather first began dancing we still lived in Missouri and she began taking gymnastics when she was 6. Shortly afterward she began begging to take dance classes as well. So, we gave in and allowed her to take a ballet/tap combo class and she LOVED it. So began the hectic life we'd begin to live ever afterward! She continued her tumbling class and when she was 7, she was moved up to separate ballet, tap and jazz classes and was invited to be a part of the BRAVO! competition dance team. The dance team was pretty small, but the practices could be rigorous. Mrs. Colleen could get so much from those girls! Last night's reunion was with a few of the girls from BRAVO! We met with dancers Briana, Cassie and Chelsea and their moms Suzanne, Christy and Angela. Marty came along as an honorary dance mom as he could usually be found at the gym as often as I was and he was at all the competitions except 2. I will post pictures of all the girls later. I couldn't believe how much they've all grown....even though I'd seen pictures of some of them on Suzanne's blog!

Bravo! Jr.: Briana, Heather, Cassie and Chelsea (the only "Jr" missing is Desiree).

And this was taken of the same four girls the last time Heather was at the dance studio before moving to Texas when Mr. Chris and Mrs. Colleen threw her a going away party.

Chelsea, Briana, Cassie and Heather in 2001.

Here are the girls, each with her mom:
Suzanne with Briana, me with Heather, Cassie with Christy, and Angela with Chelsea.

Briana and Cassie are both driving....making Heather wish she could be as well. Hopefully that will encourage her to decide to be responsible enough that I will agree to give her driving lessons!

It was so good to sit and catch up with the dance moms. They were so much a part of my life for the few years we were here! I think I've said before, we practically lived at the dance studio/gym when the girls were small and we were the moms who always stayed to watch the girls while they practiced. Suzanne suggested this reunion become an annual tradition when I'm in town and I wholeheartedly agreed!

See Suzanne's blog for a wonderful post of this reunion! Thanks Suzanne for taking the time to write such wonderful things about each of the girls!


E said...

I went to Suzanne's blog to see if she put pics on yet. She has some OLD pics of the girls, but not any new ones from the reunion yet.

And hey - thanks for being just a phonecall away! =0)

busysingersmom said...

I have pictures now!!!

E said...


I'm an impatient traitor! I went to Suzanne's blog to see YOUR vacation pics!!!! =0)


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