Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pottersville Church

Growing up next door to my grandmother, I spent many many of my childhood days with her. She shared so many stories of her younger years. I wish I could remember more of them! One of the places she spoke of often was Pottersville Church where she attended at one time, but I don't know for how long. She used to share stories of riding her horse or driving her horse and buggy to Pottersville to visit friends and family.

Recently my facebook friend, Sue, uploaded this photo she took of the church in Pottersville.

I was immediately drawn to the photo and considered painting it and asked Sue if she'd mind and asked her to send me the photo in color. She was honored to have been asked but I found that I loved the photo in sepia and decided to paint it that way too.

My sister gave me some old windows that had once been in the church where her husband is pastor. I have painted one of them already, and painted a church in a field of wildflowers on it. After I began painting Sue's photo on this window, I have decided to paint only churches on the windows from my sister.

I thought you might like to see the progress of this window, that I think has become a favorite of mine. A good friend of mine shared that his parents were married in this church and that the windows that once graced its walls now reside in their home. Several have shared their memories of this church with me and I'm loving all the stories!


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