Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Solo Road Trip

I decided to take my camera and take a road trip by myself today. When I left I had a few desitinations in mind, but still wasn't sure where I'd end up. When I pulled out of town I was armed with a full tank of gas, a full coffee cup, a bagel, my cell phone, a map and of course MY CAMERA. What more did I need? As I was driving, and before my mind was made up about my destination, Erica called on her way to a baby shower to inquire whether I'd made up my mind where I was going. I told her a few of my destination choices, one of which was Blanco. She encouraged me to drive there via another more scenic route if I went there. So, that made my decision easier. I pulled over to consult a map and headed for Blanco. I told her the route sounded familiar and sounded like a route I had printed out this spring as one to take in search of wildflowers. I never did get the opportunity to do so then. As I was driving toward Wimberley I passed a unique looking building in the middle of nowhere and noticed the sign out front "Wimberley Glass Works." This was the route I'd considered taking in the spring and the glass gallery was one of the businesses I'd found online that looked intriguing. I pulled a u-turn and headed back to look around. What a beautiful gallery! I roamed around looking at various pieces and found a glass door to a room where glass blowing was being demonstrated. I walked in and had a seat to watch. I've always loved watching glass blowing. It fascinates me!

After they finished the piece they were working on I hit the road again. Soon I came to some really pretty views from the road so I pulled off to the side and hopped out with the camera. It wasn't long before I was joined along the roadside by another car with a couple with a camera in hand. I could see why it was a popular place to stop!

When I arrived in Blanco I headed straight to a little trail downtown that leads to a very beautiful park I discovered with my mom this summer.

I found a few colorful fall leaves on the trail:

This is the sight that greets you at the end of the short trail:

I spent some time sitting on a ledge, dangling my feet, listening to the ducks and the sound of the water. What a peaceful spot. I highly recommend it for reflecting, soul-searching, or just resting!

As I headed back toward home I ventured down a route different than the one I took to get to Blanco. As I turned onto this route, this is what I saw. You can see a glimpse of Canyon Lake off in the distance.


E said...

So did you like the winding road up in the hills on "Devil's Backbone"? I always enjoyed the view along that drive. Sorry you didn't find more fall colors.

Tammy said...

I liked the drive very much! It was very pretty and I kept thinking what a nice ride on the motorcycle it would be. Thanks for recommending such a pretty route!!! The hills reminded me a little bit of the Ozark Hills back home....except these didn't have the spectacular fall colors I'm accustomed to seeing there.

ME!! said...

Ya made it good for you!!!

306 on the way back is a good drive as well but gets pretty busy back by the lake.

Glad you went!!


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