Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Under the Stars...Part 2

Call me crazy, but when Erica told me about Christmas Under the Stars and that she and Jason couldn't go....I said I'd take her kids. I also asked several other friends to join us, or send their kids with us. We had to make the trip two nights anyway to drop off and/or pick up Heather so we took friends with us both nights.

Our friends Bill and Denise and their 3 girls joined us tonight. Bill and Denise had gone shopping for the day and the girls were at my mother in law's. When we picked up Bethany, Maggie and Katie from there we told them we'd be going to pick up Erica's kids before heading into town. Katie said, "I want that pokey boy to sit by know the one with the pokey hair?" I laughed so hard! She couldn't remember Cameron's name...just that he has spiked hair. So, I called Cameron "Pokey Boy" all night. Sorry Cam!!!

Marty and I headed out with 6 kids in our suburban...ranging in ages from 4 to 16. I had to laugh as we were on our way: Marty had Trans Siberian Orchestra cranked on the stereo and 3 of the girls were sitting in the "way back" singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" at the top of their lungs! (Normally this might have gotten on my nerves as I'm used to very little noise with only one child in the house who is a very quiet 16 year old, but tonight I found it amusing). Mathew, on the other hand was the one to grow impatient with the singing trio in the backseat.

We met Bill and Denise in town for dinner at our favorite hamburger joint and although it was dark and it really is was 77 degrees so we ate outside so we could enjoy the warm weather while we still have it.

It was a beautiful evening for all the outdoor activities. The kids all seemed to really enjoy themselves and each took home crafts they created.

Cameron with the cookie he decorated.

Riley and her cookie.

Katie's cookie. She sure didn't want to take the time to hold it up for a picture before eating it!

All the kids waiting to get their hands on the icing!

Of course, I love all the pictures of the kids painting. I wonder why?

Cameron had a hard time trying to decide what to paint.

Riley takes her painting very seriously.

Maggie has always been a big fan of crafts and painting.

Katie shows us her budding artistic skills.

from left to right: Katie, Bill, Bethany, Denise, Maggie.

Marty even got into the crafts (probably has something to do with his love of all things that glitter!) Isn't he sweet? He made me this ornament.

Marty and me. Denise tried really hard to take a picture showing the antlers behind Marty in the window. She was laughing so hard because it appeared the antlers were growing out of his head. But, the antlers wouldn't show up in any picture.

Bill and Denise. Thanks guys, for hanging out with us tonight. We had fun!

Roasting marshmallows!

Bethany and I roasting our marshmallows together. A campfire would have been more fun...but the marshmallows were still yummy!

Katie playing a ring toss game.

All the kiddos posed behind a lit up choo choo. from left to right:

Cameron, Maggie, Riley, Bethany, Katie.

I'm glad you all had so much fun tonight!

All the kids with the polar bear.

We even saw Heather a couple of times while she worked with the dance team helping at the booths. Here she is with another dance team member, Ashley.

Marty and me.


lacey said...

looks like a blast!!!!

your shirt is really cute!!!!!!

E said...

Thank you so much for taking my kiddos tonight. I know they had a lot more fun with you guys than they would've had home alone for the night.

Glad y'all had fun!

Justin Jordan said...

Sweet pics. Christmas is a great time with the family. outdoor classroom


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