Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Have New Babies

You know I've been sick when I tell you I haven't even picked up my camera since the night I took photos of the moon. Seriously, that's the last time I used my camera. The photos posted since then have been old ones or some Marty has taken. Today's post is no exception. When I returned home from the hospital these are some of the photos found on my camera. The deer have been wondering around our yard daily and Marty's been snapping photos whenever he gets a chance. Here's some of what he got while I was gone:


Angela said...

Baby deer are so cute! Glad to see you are feeling well enough to post even if you didn't take the photos. Do all 3 of the babies belong to the one doe?

ME!! said...

that would be some tender backstrap lets eat

Tammy said...

Angela, Marty said yes, all 3 babies belong to one doe.

E said...

Oh Bill (aka: me!!), you're AWFUL!!!!

Triplets! How sweet - and I don't mean sweet TASTING, Bill!


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