Wednesday, July 30, 2008

{Sigh}...A Gorgeous Sunrise It Was Not

Since I had to get up at o-dark thirty this morning to get Heather off to a babysitting job I was sure to make it worthwhile there would be an awesome sunrise to photograph. But noooo, the sky was very gray, overcast and not interesting in the least as day broke! What a disappointment! So I made my way back home slowly hoping the sun would peek through some clouds or SOMETHING to make an interesting morning photograph. Again, nope! I gave up and went back home to get ready for work. As I drove up to the church the sun was just beginning to peek through some clouds and looked awesome! I hurried inside and tossed all my stuff on my desk and ran back outside. Already I was too late. The sun was peeking fully through the hole in the clouds and shined too brightly for the photo I wanted! I took some photos anyway, but none were as the sky had looked just minutes before. I told Mr. Mike next time I'd just toss my stuff on the ground and snap the photos BEFORE the sky had a chance to change so drastically!

This is where, just a few moments before, the sky looked spectacular. Now...not so much. :0(

The vivid blue skies when I faced the other way were awesome. I just love bright blue skies and puffy white clouds. Today's clouds reminded me much of (of all things) the sky at the beginning of each episode of "The Simpsons." I know, sad, right?

Tomorrow I have to get up just a bit earlier and do this all over again. Marty has offered to drop Heather off for me, but I know if I sleep in and let him do that I'll miss an opportunity for a sunrise photo. Since Murphy seems to live with us and we all know Murphy's law....I know if I do go, I'll probably see the same drab skies I saw this morning. But that's just a chance I'll have to take. It won't kill me to get up so early again. Time is drawing near that I'll have to do so every morning again anyway so I may as well get used to it now. Besides....I do have my mocha java coffee to get me going again!

Hopefully if all goes well tomorrow night you will be viewing awesome sunrise photos. If not, then it's anyone's guess what will be posted....


E said...

Bettter luck tomorrow morning! Hey, at least you have SOMETHING to look forward to at that time of day. =0)

Sherri Kaye said...

I love the 3rd photo...gorgeous!


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