Thursday, July 3, 2008

Transported Back in Time for an Evening

As our evening wound down tonight I found myself in my usual spot reclined on the couch as Marty surfed through the chanels on tv, trying to find something decent to watch. It's a fairly short surf as we don't subscribe to a satellite dish system and live too far out in the country for cable. We usually have no trouble finding something entertaining to watch on the stations we can pick up with the antenna. Tonight there just didn't seem to be much on. Every 30 minutes he was looking for something else. Suddenly he stopped on the public broadcasting station to listen/watch a concert that was being aired. There was something very familiar about the sounds we were hearing. They were airing an REO Speedwagon Concert live on "Sound Stage." I think we were both guilty of being transported back in time. Back many years ago to our first apartment in Glendale, Arizona. Back when the only tv we had was a teeny tiny black and white one we rarely watched, and usually only watched "Honeymooners" reruns on it after school.

During that time we both had several cassette tapes between us (cd's were just coming out but neither of us had any, let alone anything to play them on). Of all the tapes we had, we always listened to The Cars "Heartbeat City," and Reo's "Hi Fidelity." So, tonight we were singing along to almost every single word to almost every song they played. Heather stuck around for the first couple of songs, and even sang along. She'd stop and ask, "What is he WEARING???" Black leather pants. "How OLD are these guys anyway???" They're probably getting up there. They've been singing since the early 70's at least. It wasn't long before Marty had the tv's sound coming over the surround sound system. Shortly thereafter Heather left to find something more interesting to do. Meanwhile Marty and I continued to sit, watch, and listen....mesmerized. And remembering. Although I was disappointed not to hear "Tough Guys," it was nice to listen to everything they did play. I think it's time to buy that particlar album on cd, don't you???

Everyone has music that takes you back to a specific time and place. We all have music that reminds us of certain people. What song/music takes you back? Where does it take you to?


E said...

Ahhh, REO Speedwagon. My fav is "I Can't Fight This Feeling".

Yea, songs do take me back to certain days or certain friends.

Tammy said...

Yep, that was one of the songs performed tonight that we sang almost every word to! :0)

Dan said...

Music is very emotionally evocative. Often dredging up memories, both good, bad and sad. Great post and great pics. I am looking forward to visiting your blog regularly.

BTW, my wife is from the thriving metropolis of Houston Mo., not far from West Plains. She will be visiting her parents soon who live in Licking Mo. Small world!


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