Thursday, July 17, 2008

View from the Sky Trac

Sometimes there are great benefits to being married to a construction foreman! Tonight as we left church Marty said we should hurry home so he could send me to the top of the sky trac to take pictures of the sky over the trees. If you've been reading here long you know I don't get a good view of sunsets, etc., from my house because I live amongst the trees and I have to drive several miles for a good view.

Heights never bothered me much growing up. I've discovered the older I get...the more they bother me...sometimes. Tonight they bothered me!

The sky trac sits at our house because Marty's job site this week wasn't far from here and this was a close place to park it until it could be transported back to the shop. Marty brought home the dump truck and trailer tonight so he could load it up. As he was preparing to leave the shop his boss Frank told him he may as well load the truck up with some gravel for our driveway since he was bringing the dump truck out here anyway. Thanks, Frank!!! So, the sand that Marty slides through each morning and night in front of the shop where he parks his motorcycle will be a problem no more!

Needless to say, my trek up in the sky trac had to wait until the gravel was dumped. And the truck was hooked back up to the trailer. All this time I impatiently waited just knowing the sun was going to set and I was going to miss it!

Naturally, as I waited I snapped pictures to kill time.

To me, this is just a pile of gravel that means someone has a job of spreading out! To Marty, this is an exciting gift!

Heather was put to work directing Marty as he backed the truck up to hook up to the trailer.

The view of the sky from the ground.

Ok, so I didn't miss the sunset after all. Marty placed boards across the forklift prongs (?) so Heather and I would have something substantial to sit or stand on as we were lifted, and up we went. Just as we reached a height just above the house the platform tilted and shook and that did it for me. I wanted to go no higher. Later I found out Marty needed to level the platform as he discovered on its way up it wasn't completely level. He assured me it did not shake much at all. I assured him from my position way up in the air, that yes indeed it did shake. A lot. So, I took my pictures from that height all the while Heather was saying "let's go higher" and I was saying "no!" When I'd finished I told Marty he could bring me down and then send Heather all the way up without me. Of course she thought that was AWESOME!!!

Finally! All aboard!

Just after the shaking and jerking of the platform we sat on, I collected myself and began to snap pictures. See, I told you I was above my house!

What a pretty sky! I'm glad that while the sky trac was here we had an intersting sky to view!

My father-in-law Freddie came by to help Marty load up the sky trac. Helllooooo down there, Freddie!

Ok, so the jerking and shaking was worth it for this!!!

And this!

After I got off, Heather went up solo. Hellooooo way up there, Heather!

And down she comes!

Ok, so construction equipment toys can be really cool!

Thank you, Marty!!!


Marty said...

Your welcome! But I still think the pictures would have been better from 40 feet instead of 20.

E said...

Those are so cool! Yea, I think the pics at 40' would be better, too! Bring it over here and I'll go all the way up there to see MY house! =0)

Sherri Kaye said...

You have some very nice pictures on your site. I too, enjoy taking pictures. Check out my blogsite sometime and see some of my pictures. I only have a few on there but will continue to add more. My blogsite is I am going to add you to my favorite blogsites. Have a blessed day!

Dan said...

Wow, so this answers my question from yesterday. Looked like fun.


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