Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aquarena Springs

After our morning touring Wonderland, the group of us headed to "Grins" for lunch (YUM!) then over to Aquarena Springs to look around. I had never been there before but had seen information that made me interested in checking it out someday.

During lunch, from my seat at the window this view caught my eye. I just really liked the twin steeples against the beautiful blue sky.

We began our visit there walking on the Floating Wetlands Boardwalk, where we saw many fish, birds, and plant life.

I thought the blue sky looked really cool through all this tall grass and cattails.

The view of the wetlands from the floating boardwalk.

Ant's-eye view?

The kid were fascinated watching all the fish.

These little yellow flowers among the lily pads were pretty cool!

Upon leaving the boardwalk, we wondered around the property viewing the area where a tram used to be set up, the teenagers headed to the gift shop, we watched a scuba diver feed the fish in the aquarium, and just explored the area, taking lots of photos as we ventured.
After watching the fish being fed we all piled onto a glass bottomed boat to see the springs up close. That was pretty cool!

I really like this scuplture we came across. When we asked the girls to pose for a picture in it, they refused because of all the spider webs.

Granny used her "magic wand" to get rid of all the spider webs.

Cheyenne, Heather, and Granny posed inside the sculpture.

Thanks, Granny!

This is one end of where the tram used to be. I couldn't tell if this architecture was just to be aesthetically pleasing, or necessary for the function of the tram. I liked it!!!

Another ant's-eye view!

Fish-feeding time!

During our boat ride the tour guide brought the boat up close to these sunbathing turtles so we could all have a closer view.

My mother in law Billie (left) looking through the glass bottom on the boat.

The view of some fish through the bottom of the boat.

When we'd seen all we wanted to see at Aquarena Springs we all loaded up in the cars once again and hit the road to go shopping in Wimberley. We only spent a couple of hours there before we were all wore out and ready to head home. We stopped for ice cream in the General Store, then headed home.

Thanks again for a wonderful day, Billie and Freddie!!!

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E said...

Wow, you DID have a busy day, didn't you? Looks like a fun one though.

I'm glad you were up for it!


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