Thursday, June 19, 2008

Waiting for the Moon

I haven't been feeling well for a few days and decided tonight to stay home and try to sleep while Marty and Heather went off to church. I slept some but once they arrived home I was unable to sleep any longer. I wondered around the house, talked to Erica some, and tried to eat something. Nothing tastes good. I wanted to stay up late enough to capture some photos of the moon I keep hearing about tonight, but since we live among the trees it's very late here before we can see the moon above the treeline, and I knew I didn't have the energy to wait up. I finally gave up and went to sleep on the couch and told Heather she could wake me if the moon ever made its way up where we could see it. She'd been wanting to dig out her telescope to view it as well.

At 11:00 pm she woke me to tell me we could see the moon. I got up, rounded up the camera, zoom lens, and tripod while she and Marty mustered the big telescope outside. I'm sure we were a sight on the front porch with 2 cameras going off and a giant telescope.

This shot is straight out of the camera, not cropped at all.
I also didn't notice at first that on my manual settings my camera was shooting in black and white. But I like the effect.

Cropped for a closer look.

Not the shot I was aiming for, but still an interesting effect.

Here it is. Now to figure out how to get a shot of the moon like this AND the silouhette of the trees against a moonlit sky......I'll keep practicing!

Marty was playing cameraman too.

Since I had the big zoom on my camera I snagged Marty's when he laid it down.
"The light, the light! The bright flash hurts my eyes!!!"

Enjoy what few shots I took. I'm going back to sleep! Good night!


E said...

OOPS! I thought you weren't gonna do a moon blog, so I stole your idea... Sorry!

Oh well, we've had lots of matching blogs before, why not again?! =0)

Tammy said...

How funny! Oh well. The moon was really cool tonight and I bet we aren't the only ones blogging it!


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