Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Photos of the Triplets

Tonight after church just as we were sitting down for dinner Marty noticed we had visitors outside. We see the deer in the yard almost daily but usually when there are very many of them they stay on the edges of the yard and don't come close to the house. Sometimes one or two may venture closer, especially to sneak the dog's food and water. Tonight several were eating grass right outside the front door. I put off eating my dinner, grabbed the camera and slowly and quietly eased outside onto the front deck. I managed to make them nervous enough they began to wander farther away, but not nervous enough that any of them ran. I took photos until they were too far and it was getting too dark to get good shots. Here are several of what I did get:


E said...

You're likin' your new zoom lense, aren't ya? =0) You got some good shots!

We missed you at dinner tonight.

Sherri Kaye said...

Such beautiful shots! That 9th pictures is just perfect. Deer are such beautiful and majestic creatures.
Also, thank you for continuously checking my blog and for the kind words you left for me the other day. It has been a joy meeting you.

Me!! said...

MMMMMMM!!! Sausage


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