Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rainy Days

It rained most afternoons last week, although I slept through many of the showers. We are in much need of rain in South Texas so these showers have been a wonderful blessing. Summer showers still bring out in me a desire to just go outside and play in the rain. Last week when I snapped these photos however, I did not feel well enough to do that. But I sure did enjoy watching it come down and liked listening to the sound of it pound on the tin roof of the back deck.

Rain was even more scarce during the years I lived in Arizona. My room mate and I were both from Missouri and we could both always tell when it was going to rain, long before the thunderheads moved across the sky. We always said "it smells like Missouri. It's going to rain." And it did, every time. Dar and I both loved the rain and during monsoons we would sometimes be found outside enjoying the rare showers there. If it was raining, we were often out walking in it.

Marty and I were caught out in a rain storm a couple of summers ago while out on the motorcycle. Until the lightning, and until the rain became rather cold, it was even fun riding in the rain. At first the rain was still warm falling on us lightly and I enjoyed my first rainstorm on the bike, but not for long. :0)

When we lived in Missouri, a favorite campsite was on the banks of Norfork Lake near Mountain Home, Arkansas. One camping trip found us in the middle of a rain shower, but no storm. We decided since it wasn't storming not to pack up our gear and even went swimming in the rain. We weren't alone as several other families were also swimming in the rain.

Watching the rain come down is a perfect opportunity to sit and reflect and remember.


Ms. Hays said...

I sure wish I could get the clarity in my flower photos that you've gotten in yours. I'm just a beginner and still learning, but I love photography.

Thank you so much for visiting my page - it's much appreciated!!!

Ms. Hays said...

BTW - I read on your "About Me" that you grew up in West Plains, Missouri - that's just a hop, skip, & jump from me here in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Nice to meet a fellow Missourian!!!

Also, GREAT FIREWORKS SHOTS!!! I tried, but mine didn't turn out, so I didn't even post them.

E said...

My granny always told me that a rain drop as it hits the ground looks just like a soldier marching??? I never could see what she saw, but I still remember her trying to show me.... so I do 'think' of it, even if I can't SEE it. =0)

Marvin said...

That was quite a downpour. Great job capturing the drops hitting the porch rain. The trumpet vine flowers are nice too.

SandyCarlson said...

Beautifully done, Tammy.

busysingersmom said...

I really like the raindrops on the rail picture. :) Glad you are getting back on your feet. :)

Dan said...

Hi Tammy!

I love rainy days too but we don't get too many of those around here either.

I just got back from Boston this afternoon and witnessed a sudden downpour. Sheets of rain fell suddenly and furiously for about 15 minutes then stopped just as quickly as it started.


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