Saturday, July 5, 2008

Painted Bunting

Yesterday afternoon as the family visited while sitting on Granny's deck, my sister in law Debbie and I spent some time capturing photos of the birds that came to snack in the feeders Billie and Freddie keep filled for them. I'll post some of the hummingbird photos later. Here are some of the shots I got of the colorful male Painted Bunting we were able to catch rare photos of. Generally he doesn't stick around long enough for anyone to snap photos of him. Yesterday he came back for several snacks so Debbie and I were both able to get several shots. He sure is a pretty bird! His famale counterpart is pretty drab in comparison!

I believe this little guy is one of the most colorful wild birds I've ever seen.

Briefly he was joined in the feeder by this cardinal.

I was able to capture only 2 photos of the male and female buntings together. She didn't stick around long at all!

I think as many times as he kept coming back for more, he must have quite enjoyed all the paparazzi on Billie's deck!

See? He seems to be posing for me now!

He even showed me his colorful backside.

I got to see his pretty profile a lot too.

I like the lift of his wing in this one.

For more information about painted buntings, check out this site.


E said...

Okay, I expected boring bird pictures, but my goodness - he really is beautiful! He looks almost fake! I hope I get to see one of those around here someday!

Dan said...

Great pics Tammy. What a beautiful bird that painted bunting is. When I first looked at the first pic I thought it must be a toy or figurine. How colorful!

Angela said...

I have never seen one of these before. He looks like someone threw paint on him:-)


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