Saturday, July 19, 2008


My mother in law Billie has been planning activities for today for the whole family for several weeks. Unfortunately Marty had to work and had to miss out on all the fun. We missed you, Babe! Billie and Freddie, thank you for putting this all together and inviting us along! We had a great time!!!

The first stop was breakfast at a cafe in downtown San Marcos then on to Wonderworld where we met up with Mike and Debbie and their family. When we arrived at Wonderworld the first thing we did was check out the gift shop while we waited for time for our tour to begin.

Heather and Cheyenne were so cute trying on hats in the gift shop!



Freddie, Billie, and Heather on the train ride.

As we entered the parking lot, the first thing I noticed was this tower. It is waaaaaay up there, but I've zoomed in some for a closer look. Later we discover the top of this tower is 160' in the air.

My nephew Tony and my brother in law Mike on the train.

During the train ride, we stopped to feed the deer. This one was in a hurry for Tony to feed him some more!

A close up of one eating out of Freddie's hand.

Heather fed the deer, then was grossed out by her icky hands!

Awww...isn't he cute?

We were sure impressed with the rack on this one and so glad when he came closer!

After the train ride it was time for a tour of the cave.
Mike and Debbie as they descended into the cave.

Our tour group as they head down into the cave.

Heather heading down yet another set of steps in the cave.

Just one of the many cool rock formations found inside.

A wishing well. The founder of this cave discovered it when drilling for a water source for his home.

The pulley that was used to obtain water from the well by the founder of the cave.

We were so glad when Billie, who is claustrophobic and has never entered a cave, was able to join us for the tour of this cave. Yay Billie!

After the cave tour we took an elevator up...and up...and up. I assumed when we got in the elevator we'd just head back to the ground level and exit in the gift shop. The elevator was like a cage and you could see outside the walls. Imagine my surprise when we began to see sky and I learned we were heading up to the top of the tower that you saw at the beginning of this post! Maybe it's a good thing I didn't know that ahead of time! Our tour guide told us we were 160 feet underground at the deepest portion of the cave, so the top of the tower is set at 160 feet above ground to give us an idea how far underground we really were.

This is the flag that flies at the top of that tower. We were way up in the air!

Me and Heather at the top of the tower.

Our whole group.
(back row) Mike (with Taylor on his back), Tony and Freddie
(front row) Cheyenne, Debbie, Billie, Me, Heather

Cheyenne and Heather chillin' after the tours were all finished.


Heather, Tony and Cheyenne

Freddie and Billie.

From here, we went to Aquarena Springs, also in San Marcos.....


E said...

Man, you had an exciting day too. You got lots of great shots. That's an especially good photo of you and Heather!

Billie said...

It was a great day. The next time we'll have to go to Natural Bridge caverns, we'll just plan it for enough in the future so Marty can be sure and join us.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Billie! Conquer your fear of small places then drag Freddie around by his hair! Quite a day!

Sherri Kaye said...

I love the deer...great job.


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