Friday, July 25, 2008

We're Still Celebrating!

Plans have been in the works for a long time for a surprise event to celebrate Marty's birthday. Although yesterday was he (and Mike's) birthday, I'd planned to surprise him with a trip to the races this weekend. With Erica's help, a (circle) racetrack was found that wasn't too far from where we live. There is a drag strip/speedway not too far from here, but Marty prefers circle track racing. When we lived in Missouri he literally spent every single weekend from Memorial Weekend until Labor Day weekend at the race track. He was the pit crew for my Uncle Jerry and his IMCA Modified racecar. With that said, IMCA Modified cars are his favorite races to watch (after Nascar of course). The plan for tonight was that a group of us would meet for a quick dinner and drive to Pleasanton, TX to see a Super Stockcar race at the I37 Raceway. Today I discovered that thanks to Hurricane Dolly and all the rains she sent this way, this weekend's races in Pleasanton were canceled. Marty had no clue what we'd been planning so I called him this afternoon to let him know what we had been planning and that the races were canceled and to see what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday. He said he'd just like to hang out and visit with friends. So, we kept our dinner plans, and modified our "race" plans just a bit! We decided to head to Crocodile Gap in nearby New Braunfels and ride Go Karts and have our own race night. What fun we all had!!!! (I'm sorry Mike, Debbie, Freddie, Billie, Bill and Denise that you all couldn't join us! You were missed and you missed a wonderful time!) We are still planning a trip to the races in the near future so I'll be on the lookout for an IMCA Modified race!

Because there are so many I've posted the photos small, but they are all clickable if you want to see them closer.

Our whole group at Chili's for dinner before heading out for our fun night:

from the lower left clockwise around the table:

Holly, Riley, Erica, me, Marty, Cameron, Jim, Paula, Heather, Lana, Ashley, and Jason

Of course what birthday would be complete without being embarassed at the restaurant with loud singing by the wait staff???

The races are on! Paula's in the lead in front of Jim, then Jason but it wasn't long before Paula discovered she had a dud car and had to hit pit road.

Marty with Cameron close behind.

Marty races on.


Jim is trying to maintain his lead over Heather and Jason.

Heather sails around Jim!

Go Heather! That's my girl!

Marty, Heather and me. We had quite the "bumper cars" going on these laps!

Cameron sure had a blast! I'm so glad you were feeling better and well enough to come Cam!

Erica and Riley.

Between races while Cameron and Riley hit the batting cages, Ashley and Holly played in the soccer cages. Here's Ashley.

And an action shot of Holly!

Ashley teamed up with Heather for a race.

Erica made sure Marty had birthday balloons!

Go Lana Go!!!

Can Erica overtake Jim??

I also had a blast racing the go karts!

Can I keep my lead over Heather, Cameron and Lana??

I couldn't resist this sweet photo of one tired Holly at the end of our evening.

In typical teenage fashion here is how Heather spent most of her evening. I am sure I even saw her on the phone while driving a go kart! That can't be a good thing! I bet that's why every time I saw her she seemed to be stuck up against a rail and had to be rescued!

Thank you all for joining us tonight! I think it's always the most fun when all us adults just have fun and act like kids!

Go see Erica's blogs for even more photos of our celebration!


E said...

Okay, in my defense... on that picture of Riley and I screaming towards you: We found out that fishtailing is fun!!!! So we'd plow STRAIGHT TOWARDS the wall (or you photographers) and at the last minute swerve away as we screamed. IT WAS SOOOO FUN!!!

Thus the sharply turned tires and the weird looks on our faces. Did we scare ya? We were trying to!

It was a blast! =0)

marty said...

Thanks for the wonderful evening! Even though we didn't get to go to the races, it was still a blast!

 Cam said...

Happy Birthday Mr.Marty and thanks for inviting us. We had a great time. Did you like Crocodile Gap? We had the best time. Thanks! And have a good time in Austin.
Love, Cam

Anonymous said...

Happy Birhtday Marty! Paula and I had a great time. We both had to shower when we got home to get the tire tread out of our hair. Who's birthday is next?


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