Friday, July 4, 2008

Family Fun on the Fourth

When Marty and Heather returned from the 4th of July Parade I joined them and we headed down the road to my mother in law Billie's house. Mike and Debbie and their kiddos are spending the weekend there and we'd planned to have a day celebrating the holiday with family.

After Billie fed us ribs and fried chicken with all the trimmings we all headed out to play in her pool. I hadn't been in our pool in almost 3 weeks but figured what could it hurt to lay on a floatie all afternoon. I got on my floatie and tried to stay as far from all the splashing as no avail. I still managed to get very wet and even cold. Between my father in law Freddie, Marty, Mike and even the teenagers Heather, Tony, and Cheyenne, everyone was seeing who could make the biggest splash as they launched themselves into the pool over and over. I'm surprised Billie has much water left IN her pool! Eventually I gave up and sat in a lounge chair on the deck taking pictures of the rest of them. Much warmer!!!

As soon as I abandoned my float, Heather claimed it....only to be tossed off by her Daddy!

Mike decided Marty was having too much fun and joined in to flip Heather off her floatie...over and over again.

Ok, I thought it was just Heather and Erica who have trouble getting on the floaties! Apparently Mike has the same difficulties!


This was the funniest thing to watch! (Almost as funny as his pouting fit when he didn't have a floatie!!!)

Tony enjoyed the watergun!!!

When Mike didn't have a floatie to play on, it didn't matter. He'd land on one anyway...occupied or not! Poor Heather!

Marty decided Mike's idea looked fun and decided to try it too! (again, Poor Heather!)

But then the twins decided to jump on the floatie in sync!!!!

Poor Heather was a goner!!!!

When everyone was cold and got out of the pool, the teenagers all headed straight to Granny's hot tub!

Tony, Heather and Cheyenne.

My niece Cheyenne is a funny girl! Love ya, Chey!

Thanks Billie and Freddie for a fun day!


Dan said...

Looks as if you guys had loads of fun yesterday! You have a beautiful family!

E said...

Hey, you're not in ANY of the pics?? Glad you got out of the house finally. That HAD to feel good!


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