Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Dolly!

We live far enough inland that we don't have to worry about escaping the full force of hurricanes that head this way. As Hurricane Dolly pummeled the gulf coast today we waited for the storms and rains we knew we were in for. During my lunch break today I decided to snap some photos of the clouds as they began to gather ahead of the impending storms.

When I returned to work after lunch this is what the sky looked like from the parking lot:

A couple of hours later, still no rain, but the cloud formations have changed:

And, just before time to go home they looked like this, but still no rain.

Apparently it rained all around us today, including in town, but not out here in the country where I live. I can't say it didn't even rain a drop, for I know it rained at least 2 because 2 landed on my windshield on the way home from work. But that's all the precipitation I saw today. Maybe later tonight? Let's just hope it doesn't flood!


E said...

Oh, I was loving the cloud formations today. I had a great view of them from my desk at work. I watched them all afternoon as they rolled their way in from the south. =0)

I love the steeple shots.

Lana said...

It poured at the office when I was leaving and on the way home it looked like town had 2 inches of rain, but when I got home not a drop! We do need rain, but not a flood (Mitch & Reva are not home, Erica)!


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