Saturday, July 12, 2008

Relaxing with Friends on the River

Our pastor (Mitch) and his wife Reva invited anyone who'd like, to come hang out at their house on the river this afternoon. We had no plans so we were eager to join the fun. Marty and Heather both skied some, but I spent my day relaxing on a lounge chair chatting with friends, floating on an air mattress in the river, or riding in the boat. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Thanks Mitch and Reva for having us all over!!!

How most of us spent the majority of the afternoon:

New friends David and Lana joined us all today. Here they are with their daughter Ashley on the air mattress and Erica's daughter Riley hanging on the end of the air mattress.

Reva let the kids play on her kayak. While most of the kids were still eating Heather took the opportunity for a solitary ride in it.

This is how the kayak looked most of the time Heather was paddling it.

Terryn's bright blue eyes sure shine in this picture.

Heather stayed up quite a while on the skis. I was having trouble staying in my seat in the boat when the waves got pretty bumpy so I was amazed when she managed to stay up on the skis!!!

Ouch! When she did take a tumble, she took a big one. She said it didn't hurt but I bet it will tomorrow!!!

Both skis went in separate directions! Looks like she landed hard!

And down she goes in a jumble of arms, legs and skis.

The littlest skier of the day was Cheney.

Some of the gals, chatting the afternoon away on the dock.

Unfortunately, our friends David and Susan had to work today but they stopped by for a little while afterward. This is their son Roby. He's such a cutie!!!!

As we arrived back at the dock from our boat ride, Erica, Cameron and Reva were playing on the kayak.

Perfect timing to capture their flip!

All the teenagers piled in the boat for a ride.

Elizabeth, Amber, and Heather.

Erica's turn to ski. The water was very bumpy!!!

Erica waving hello as she skied.

Erica skied outside the wake.

Marty chillin' on the back of the boat.

Cameron also usually had a pile of kids riding along when he took out the kayak too!

Terryn, Cameron, Ashley, and Chandler.

Lana and her daughter Holly as they got ready for their boat ride.

Mitch and Marty had to make some repairs to the boat.

Check out Erica's blog for more pictures of our day of fun on the river!!!


E said...

Okay, first things first - HEATHER - that looks like it HURT! You poor girl! OUCH!

Secondly, did you get some weird shots of me today or what? ha ha ha

It was a FUN day, wasn't it? I'm glad you feel like being out and about again, even if you did just lounge. I'm so glad you came!

Lacey said...

hey im glad to see you out and about again!!!! :) so sorry i havent called you this weekend. we were on the lake friday night and saturday!!!
luv ya!!!

C&C Mama said...

Cheney says "That was funny when Heather fell down. I wish I was there!"


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