Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ten Pins and Friends

Tonight our friends Jason and Erica invited us to dinner and bowling since Jason had a rare night off. We sure enjoyed ourselves but I was sure worn out when I got home!!! are our marvelously glamorous bowling shots! (More like mug shots! ha!) I don't think there is any way to look graceful while attempting to sail an 8 pound ball (or 16 pound in Marty's case) down a small lane to cause 10 pins to topple over. But isn't it fun!? And even more fun to make fun of everyone else looking just as dorky as you! :0) And can there be any shoes more trendy than bowling shoes????

Some of the kiddos: Riley, Holly and Cameron.

It was so sweet to watch David helping his daughters bowl. Here David helps Ashley.

Riley. It was so fun to watch Riley's ball bounce back and forth all the way down the lane. :0)

Aren't they sweet?! Dave and Lana

Cute sisters: Ashley and Holly

This one's only on here because I'd hear about it if I posted weird bowling shots of everyone but me. So here's my weird, I mean glamorous, bowling shot!

Jason hid his face behind his ball as he took aim. I never knew him to be camera shy!

Erica waited impatiently patiently for her ball to come back to the ball return.

Cameron looked so serious when he took aim!

When the song "Thriller" played we all began discussing the "moon walk" and who could still do it. Here Dave demonstrated his ability to moon walk. Turns out, He, Erica and I are the only ones in the group who can moon walk. Of course the only teenager in the group, Heather thought we were all pretty "lame." I think that's only because she can't moonwalk!

Marty's always the high scorer when we all go bowling. (He can also be the most dangerous bowler when his thumb gets stuck in the ball!)

Part of our group (left to right):
Dave, Lana, Jason, Erica, Heather

I don't know how low Heather scored, but I don't think anyone in the whole group threw their ball with less care. She just sends it sailing any which way and laughs. At least she has a good time, right?!

After bowling we all headed out for ice cream. What better way to spend a summer evening than fun with friends and ice cream!

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E said...

Hey, better late than never!

It was a FUN night. =0)


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