Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a Bit of Patriotism

If you read this weekend's posts you know I spent Saturday with Marty's family. It is rare that we all go anywhere and my brother in law Mike isn't asked if he's in the military. It is always with a great deal of honor that he proudly answers that yes, he is in the military. Then people stop to ask him about the places he's been, the branch he serves, etc. Our whole family is very proud of him, but not just for serving our country, but for the apparent honor he shows in doing so. Just last week marked 20 years Mike has served in the U.S. Army. And this Thursday, he and Marty will celebrate their 38th birthday.

So, Mike, in honor of your 20 years serving the United States, this post is for you.

God Bless America


E said...

How funny, Tammy. My post that'll show up tomorrow morning on my "Thru My Eyes" blog is a flag shot, too! We seem to keep DOING THIS!!!

Nice shots! =0)

Sherri Kaye said...

Beautiful pictures. God Bless America and God Bless the men and women like your brother-in-law who serve to protect our country.

LACEY said...



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