Friday, July 4, 2008

Biggest Small Town 4th of July Parade

That's right. Our town holds the Biggest Small Town 4th of July Parade. I chose to stay home and save my energy so I'd be able to join Marty's family for the afternoon hanging out at his mom's house. I knew if I attended the parade for one I'd get too much sun and one of the meds I'm on warns strongly against that, and two; I knew I'd be too worn out to enjoy the afternoon as my energy is still not back to normal at all. So I slept in while Marty and Heather headed off. Marty grabbed my camera and can you believe he took a picture of every. single. entry for me so I'd see everything? How sweet! :0) I won't post them all but of course I'll post the ones that interested me most! I would loved to have been able to be there myself but I'll wait patiently for the next parade.

Here's Pepè. Heather's friend Ryan will be the school's mascot next year. Go Ryan!

Heather had her choice of marching with the band, or riding in the truck with the dance team. She opted to march.
Marty got several great shots of Heather marching with the band, playing her mellophone:

Here's some of the dance team:

Marty's boss' wife Julie rode on the Matador Memories Reunion float:

And of course Marty took pictures of all the great Corvettes for me!

My friend Erica and her kiddos rode on her company's float (WaterPark Experts)

Our church's music minister, Rodney, is a member of the sheriff's posse and can usually be spotted in the parades as well:

Thanks Babe, for taking so many great pictures! Sorry I missed the parade but I did get to see everything there was to see without the heat!


E said...

Next year, tell your hubby to bring a huge super soaker with him! It was WAY too hot out there. =0) You were smart to stay home for the morning. Good girl!

Carley said...

I miss Texas so much. I wish I was a Starstepper again!


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