Friday, May 23, 2008

Jet Setting at Sunset

Marty and I had talked about going for a ride on the motorcycle tonight. When he arrived at my office after work I noticed he was driving the work truck and not the motorcycle. He'd left the bike at the shop to haul equipment home for a job tomorrow. So much for a motorcycle ride. We decided to just run a few errands and come home. I don't know how the idea of letterboxing came up but it did and we decided if time permitted we'd see if we could locate any letterboxes nearby if there are any close we hadn't yet discovered. After looking online at atlasquest I determined there are several nearby I haven't found, inlcuding one my friend Erica has hidden.

On the way into town we stopped at Marty's motorcycle buddy Blue's shop to discuss a building addition Marty would be working on soon for him. He had 4 sweet bikes in the shop we all drooled over while we were there.

Just after we left Blue's I looked up at the sky and just as I was about to ask Marty to pull over, he said, "let me guess you want me to turn around?" I had him stop a few more times along the way so I could get out and take pictures. At one point a police officer stopped to ask if all was ok and I just pointed to my camera and he drove on.

Right after that we located Erica's hidden letterbox, "Jet Setting."

Heather and me looking for the "Jet Setting" letterbox.

Heather and I logged the find into our letterbox journals. Marty couldn't be persuaded to join us in letterboxing, even though I told him he could have his own stamp! He opted to take pictures instead.

One last photo of the sky before continuing on with our errands.......


marty said...

We need more nights like tonight! Sorry the pics were'nt better.

E said...

How'd you like my hand carved stamp? It was my first attempt, and I think it turned out awesome!!! =0)

Glad you were able to find it based on my weird clues.

Tammy said...

Your hand carved stamp is AWESOME. Well done! I haven't tackled that yet...hopefully soon!

lacey said...

the pics are great!!!!

watching a sunset with someone(s) you love makes it that much more special.


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