Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Great Beginning for Summer!

Because it's Memorial Day weekend we did not have church tonight. Jason and Erica had been trying to coordinate an afternoon/evening fellowship time for all the younger families that attend church. We have several young couples that have just begun attending and we all wanted a chance for them to get to know all of us and each other in a setting outside of church. Our pastor, Mitch, and his wife Reva have always encouraged the use of their home on the river for such events. It was decided that this afternoon would be a perfect opportunity for such an event. I believe they said 38 people were present this afternoon and what a fun time it was for all. I do think the kids enjoyed themselves most of all!!! Thank you Jason and Erica for putting this all together! And thank you Mitch and Reva for the use of your property!!!

Riley, Jake, and Maggie playing in the river.

Riley, relaxing on a raft.

Erica among all the girls. Every time she'd get on a raft the girls would all swim over to join her and she'd have a lap full of kids!

Once when I looked up I noticed Marty and Chandler just sitting on the edge of the dock watching the kids. How cute!

Just hangin' out on the dock and visiting. Shannon, Susan, Erica, me and Cheney.

Our "fearless leaders" Bill and Denise. They teach the Adult Sunday School class we are all in, or that those of us who teach children's Sunday School classes, are affiliated with.

Heather swimming with Chandler.

I am absolutely smitten with this little guy and his big brown eyes. You've met Roby here before.

It appears Erica is just as smitten! Aren't they cute??!!

How many kids can you fit on a tube??? All the little girls think Mathew is the greatest!

Reva set up a kiddie pool for Chandler and Roby. I just love the expression on Chandler's face here!

Heather played with the little ones for a bit, and sprayed them with the hose! The kids didn't seem to mind! It was hot out!

Roby and Chandler with Susan looking on. I think Susan got almost as wet as the kiddos!

A bunch of us enjoying the river!

Jim and Erica.

Dean and Terryn. When Dean told her it was time to go, she begged for just one more jump into the water. So, when she didn't go for it, Dean helped her along.

Doesn't Katie's pout just melt your heart???

Riley as she jumped off the dock.

Me, Jake, Tara, and Bethany in the river.


Not even a squeal out of Maggie when Mathew scooped her up and simply stepped off the dock with her!

Mathew and most of the kiddos.

Cameron on his way off the dock.

Check out Erica's blog for more pics of today.

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E said...

Yea, we had a very nice afternoon. I didn't get much sun, but that's okay. =0)

Thanks for helping out with stuff for the party!


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